Six Cheap Kids Ideas in LA That are as Easy as A, B, C

Keep your little monsters, errr kids, occupied for hours so you can get. shit. done.

You either have kids or have friends with kids and you need to entertain them. What a conundrum if you’re in the latter group for obvious you-don’t-know-what-you’re-doing reasons. For the former, collecting cool kids toys and games can take up a lot of precious space that you probably don’t have to spare. Beyond the space issues that we can sort of help you solve, kids stuff is expensive and they grow out of everything in the blink of an eye. We can help you sort of solve that, too. Our extra-fun family-friendly things to do with kids in LA are affordable and very much returnable when you’re finished. It’s the perfect teachable moment for your little ones. Sharing is caring, right? Not sure where to start? This article should be helpful. Or you can explore Joymode for Kids if you want to skip the reading part. (But seriously, don’t skip the reading part. This is good content right here.)

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Overnight Camping

Here’s one quick getaway with kids that isn’t a total nuisance. Exploring the great outdoors with little ones is a surefire way to spark imaginations and bonding. You can stargaze. Look for wildlife. And even cook things on an open fire (with parental guidance, obviously). Camping with kids is even more fun when you book a family camping gear rental from us. P.S. You don’t even need to drive anywhere if you have a backyard.

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Bubble Party

“BUBBLES!” said everyone who ever sees or plays with bubbles. Grab a bubble machine rental and go wild. There will be endless shapes and floaty round things to pop, perfect for keeping kids of all ages occupied. Take it with you to the park or have it on hand for the next play date when you’re really trying to impress.

Enrich Young Minds

The best children’s museums in Los Angeles are only a short drive away. We swear. Take the Zimmer Children’s Museum, for instance. It’s got all the activities for kids under 8 and all the vibrant backgrounds for your IG pics. Or, test your paleontology skills at the La Brea Tar Pits. It’s Like the movie Ice Age IRL.

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Imagine playing your favorite games. Then imagine them 10 times the size. Our giant kids games rental is fit for pretty much every kid and adult. The best part is it’s really hard to cheat because the pieces are so big. We see you, sneaky 10-year-old.

All the Aminals

Let your little animals spend a day among their own brethren with a trip to the LA zoo. Kids under 12 are $16 and under 2 are free. Adult tickets are just $21. In addition to all the animals and amphibians you’ll find exploration stations where your little chimps can interact with exhibits. Oh, and there’s a magical carousel to ride over and over and over again. Tack on a little LA park picnic action, and we promise they’ll be tuckered out by the end of it all.

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Scoot Around

Like Bird and Lime. But not. Kids scooter rentals accidentally turn playtime into exercise time. We have ‘em in three different sizes, including mini (ages 2-5), maxi (ages 5-12), and adult (ages 12 and up). They require no activation, fancy app, or untangling from a massive pile chilling on a random sidewalk up the street. Oh, and they don’t have GPS tracking on them either.

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