Silent Disco Party 101

Saturday night silent disco fever shenanigans!

Unlike in New York City where you can party at the bar until 4 a.m., the bars in Los Angeles start kicking people out around 1:30 a.m. With their “last call” shouts and blinding bright lights that put a screeching halt to the dance moves you were showing off, it’s almost better to party the night away in the comfort of your own apartment or warehouse or loft. But what about the neighbors, you ask. Eliminate the risk of any possible noise complaints by omitting the noise altogether. Huh?

Cue the silent disco party. A silent disco party is when you and your besties get together and dance in silence. Sort of. Allow us to explain. Music is transmitted from sleek little black boxes with antennas to wireless headphones that everyone’s wearing. All you need to do is plug a smartphone, laptop, DJ mixer or any other device with a play button into the transmitter to broadcast the music directly into the headphones — no loud noise output whatsoever.

It might sound (no pun intended) a little odd to host a party where everyone is wearing headphones and hanging out in their own musical world. But that’s really part of the whole experience. It’s about creating a judgement-free zone where people can get lost in the music and dance the night away. Here are a few tips to throw a pro silent disco party your friends won’t soon forget.


Pick a Place, But Not Just Any Place

Unless it’s for a special event or you have the cash money to throw down on a venue, you can easily host a silent disco party in your apartment. That said, you should be on the first floor. If you live on a floor with neighbors below, be warned that they might not appreciate hearing the dancing and stomping overhead. Outdoor patios and backyards are excellent locations for a silent disco, too. As you plan, consider how many people are attending. Ultimately, the space should feel intimate and welcoming so your friends are comfortable dancing like everyone’s watching.

Someone on the 1s and 2s

Dancing is basically the sole purpose for hosting a silent disco party so the music is super critical. We repeat, the music is super critical! Sure, you can appoint someone as DJ or even hire a DJ with real equipment if you prefer. Or, you can build a Spotify playlist. Just make sure the music appeals to your invited friends and is long enough to last the entire length of the party and then some. No one is going to appreciate the music abruptly stopping halfway through.


Dueling DJs

Silent disco headsets usually come with at least two channels. This means your guests can switch between stations on their headsets. If you choose to take advantage of this cool feature, you’ll need two DJs or two playlists.

Set the Right Mood

Environment matters, especially if you want friends to dance. So, with that in mind, clear the space for a proper dance floor. Hide cables and remove anything that’s precious or breakable. Turn out the main lights. Silent disco headsets give off a soft glow that illuminates the space. Feel free to utilize black lights and any other mood lighting. Lava lamps, anyone? Groovy! Finally, the fog machine. Love or it hate it, the fog machine really takes the silent disco party to the next level. We think your friends will get a kick out of it.


Imbibe the Night Away

A little liquid courage goes a long way. So, you can be the hostess with the mostest by offering alcoholic beverages to your guests. Or you can just as easily ask them to BYOB. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just your preference. And honestly, if you invite good people to the party, they’re probably going to bring libations to share anyway. Here’s a cocktail kit in case you’re feeling extra ambitious.

After all is said and done, and your friends boogied their butts off for hours on end, you’re going to need a good clean-up crew to get your place back in order. We got you. Make the day after a little easier with the most epic cleaning essentials kit ever. We promise post-party cleaning won’t seem like such a PITA.

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