Our Best Date Ideas in LA

You know what they say: treat bae how bae would want to be treated.

Whether you’re still in the honeymoon phase or starting to get bored AF, you gotta keep the sparks alive. Relationships, no matter how easy they seem, take some kind of work. And the work usually falls in the date-night department. We get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to take time to go out (or stay in) and appreciate our SOs. That all changes right here, right now. Our LA date night ideas will make you seem like the most creative date ideas person ever. Don’t worry...it’ll be our little secret.

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Vinyl Night In

Set the mood and listen to your favorite tunes. Make it a theme and pick records within in a specific genre or take turns choosing your fave artists. Need to borrow a turntable and records and make it look like you have your adulting together? You’re in luck. Every Joymode turntable rental comes with a curated collection of records.

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Curb the Munchies

Have a nostalgic night out in LA at your fave SoCal burger joint. We prefer animal style, but you do you. It’s cheap and will remind you of being in high school all over again. Share a milkshake for good measure.

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Movie Marathon

Laugh till your bellies hurt. Cry your eyes out. Or snuggle the sh!t out of one another. Your movie marathon doesn’t even require you to leave the couch or bed. Set up the big screen with our home movie theater rental in the room of your choice. Each bundle comes with a portable movie screen, speaker, and projector.

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New Noms

That new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try isn’t so new anymore because you waited so long to check it out. Quit waiting! Treat bae to a nice meal, like tonight. Prefer to cook it instead? You sound like a keeper. We can teach you how to make chicken and waffles like a pro. And with our air fryer rental, it’ll be slightly healthier.

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Fondue for You

There are fewer sexier food things than dipping strawberries in chocolate. Or things in cheese if that’s your savory style. Have a fondue night without the fuss using our fondue set rental. We even give you a recipe book, but feel free to let your creativity fly.

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Double Date

Invite your fave friend couples over for a little coupley competition. Our game night ideas range from board games to PlayStation rentals. We’re not going to advise gambling or anything, but you could raise the stakes to make things a little more interesting. Again. You didn’t hear that from us.

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