No One Does Holiday Crunch Time Like A Capricorn

Is it u?

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Welcome to Capricorn Season, y’all. We’re sad to say goodbye to the days of Sagittarius, full of weird wonder, but lucky for us the energy of the Sea Goat is here to save us from our holiday procrastination during Christmas crunchtime.

From December 21 to January 19th we welcome in the practical, driven and direct vibes of Capricorn, perfect for getting organized before the holiday and the New Year. Here’s how we’re taking advantage of the strong Cap vibes to put those last minute presents under the tree and set goals for 2019 that might actually stick.

Get Organized


Capricorns stay cool under pressure. If the sea goat can climb jagged cliffs and inclines without breaking a sweat, you can catch up on your Christmas gifting before the big day without losing your cool. If you still have shopping or prep for that big party to do, don’t freak out. Wrap your head around the situation by making a list of everything you need and group it into categories to make pickup easier.

Get Support


Capricorns know they can accomplish more than almost any other sign in the zodiac, but it’s not because they do it all alone. Master schemers, planners, and get it done’ers, they can appreciate the beauty of a project well managed. This season, call in some support to make it happen. Whether hosting a dinner party, carol karaoke hang out, cookie bake off, or holiday movie night, you can have all the supplies delivered so you don’t have to stress.

Get Real


The final earth sign in the zodiac, Caps are the rulers of staying grounded. Which comes in handy when the holidays start getting a bit out of control. You can’t do it all, but you can do a lot more if you are actually realistic about your limitations. This is a particularly useful mindset when framing your New Year’s resolutions. Yes, you can find a workout routine that makes you happy in 2019. No, you probably can’t become a fitness influencer. Keep it real and you’ll be way happier.

Get Together


You might mess up the presents or break your resolutions before you even start (is that possible?), but it’s important not to lose sight of the big picture. Be like the sea goat and stay focused on what matters. The season might feel like 30 days of obligations and expensive receipts, but it’s all about getting together with friends and family. Host a simple cocktail party or hangout to remember the meaning of the holidays.

We’re gonna stop saying “get” now, because it seems like you got it. Enjoy the season, sea goats.

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