Level Up Your Summer Getaway

Entering vacation mode in 3...2...1. #donotdisturb

Your well-deserved summer vacay is fast approaching. And it doesn’t matter if you’re staying local or traveling abroad, we have a little something that’ll make it feel like you’re a first-class traveler at economy-class fares. Need our getaway bundles for more than five days? No worries! Tap “Chat With Us” for custom reservations.


Away You Go

Board your flight like a boss with an Away Carry-on by your side. The smart features, like a pop-out USB charger, was made with millennials like you in mind. Plus, the design. It puts your 15-year-old American Tourister to shame (no offense). The Travel Necessities bundle even comes with Bose noise-cancelling headphones so you can block out the screaming infant three rows ahead.


Life is a Highway

Load up the car, pop on Spotify’s Road Trip playlist and hit the open road. Whether it’s a solo adventure or with your friends, you’ll want to be extra prepared with the road trip essentials kit because your AAA membership is probably expired by now. Waze only gets ya so far and doesn’t know how to patch a tire so…


Cheers to Vacation

That Airbnb house is nice and all. But you know what would make it even nicer? Frozen margaritas, obviously. Relax with one in hand at the pool, in the jacuzzi or on a hammock and let your worries from the work week instantly fade away. It’s bliss in a frosty glass.

All the Way Up

Elevate your hiking accoutrements with a professional day hike and explore kit that’ll make it look like you stepped out of an REI catalog. Sorry, boots not included. The hardest part will be deciding which trail you and your friends should take.


Entertainment On-the-Go

Sure, scrolling through your Insta feed 1000 times is fun and all. But here’s a better way to put your thumbs to good use and keep yourself occupied on planes, trains and automobiles. Nintendo Switch is super portable, and you can play a range of games for hours on end that you won’t even notice the plane landed.


May the Best Player Win

A Saturday night at the beach house isn’t complete until someone busts out the board games. Take one for the team and be the hero your friends deserve. Depending on how many people you have, you might even be able to set up stations and rotate for a game night extravaganza no one was prepared to play in but everyone will no doubt love.


Selfie Game Strong

It’s all about the content, so make sure you bring your A-game on vacation. Grab the Ultimate GoPro bundle and take it with you ziplining, scuba diving, hiking, parasailing, bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding… OK, we’ll stop listing extreme sports. You can also just use it to take selfies in front of stuff. Your choice!


Ping Pong, But for Adults

Every party house needs a party game. Make it a portable party game, and you’ll be the literal life of the party. The beer pong table sets up in a snap so all you need are a few cases of your favorite craft beers and a couple of teams so the games can begin. Seriously though, Natty Ice is not allowed at your vacation home. You aren’t 19 anymore.