Keeping Your Tacos Keto: A Simple Guide

Super delish, even if you're not on the Keto train.

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Let’s keep this simple. You love tacos. But you’re also curious about a Ketogenic diet, given claims that it helps people lose weight while preventing and treating disease.

But where to start? So many rules, so many guidelines to follow. And here all you want is a friggin’ taco.

No freaking sweat. Start with our Keto Diet Starter Pack Bundle and take our hand, as we teach you how to keep those tacos Keto.

Keeping It Keto


To put it as simply as possible, a Keto diet is rich in high-quality fats and wary of carbs. All that processed, low-fat garbáge you see in the supermarket is a no-go. Without carbs to fuel you, your body eventually enters a state of ketosis, breaking down consumed and stored fat. Here’s how to apply this reductive explanation to your taco nights.

The Tortilla


While amateurs put a focus on what’s inside, any tacoficionado knows a great taco starts with the tortilla. As per keo rules, flour and corn tortillas are both on the no fry list. So, things are going to get a little creative. On the plus side, tacos these days can be made with a whole lot of different vegetables that provide texture, without needless carbs.

A large green leaf like lettuce, spinach or collard, or even an endive, can be a compelling alternative to a tortilla, wrapping ingredients with crunch, flavor and moisture.

We’ve had mini tacos rolled into nasturtium leaves and daikon slices that were as beautiful as they were satisfying. And many Keto adherents have adopted the “cheese tortilla,” in which provolone or parmesan cheese gets baked to a golden brown then cooled into a u-shape, making a great substitute for a hard-shell tortilla.

Feel free to think outside the hardshell taco box. We’ve wrapped taco guts in everything from an egg fried over-well to sheets of nori before and gone back for more. If you need inspiration, hit Downtown’s Guerrilla Tacos, champions of the creative, market-driven taco game.

The Meat


Here’s the good news: meat plays a big part in a Keto diet, given its focus on healthy fats, as long as they are pasture-raised. This is your chance to get creative, making tacos with omega-3-packed salmon and albacore, shellfish, clean poultry, pork and organ meats. When it comes to beef, try to stick to the grassfed stuff.

When cooking anything for your tacos, make sure you’re using the right oils and fats. Coconut oil is recommended, with extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, peanut oil, and even butter, allowed with the Keto diet. Avoid using the likes of corn, soy, sunflower and cottonseed oil that supposedly come with free radicals, which are not radical.

And as with any diet, use common sense. Eating a pound of pork belly, pasture-raised or not, will still make you fat.

The Toppings


When it comes to toppings, you’ll be happy to know you can keep this pretty traditional. Salsas, onion and cilantro are not a problem. Avocado is a major yes. Even sour cream and cheese for customary gringo tacos is typically okay.

Again, this is the time to get experimental if you want to boost the overall Keto-ness of your tacos. Top your Baja-style fish taco with Greek yogurt and see how it tastes. Consider adding an organ meat to your tacos for a new realm of textural harmony. And when in doubt, follow the advice we live our lives by: Throw an egg on it.

Tacos are a perfect canvas for imaginative cooks. And throwing together your own recipes is an ideal activity for date nights and dinners with friends.

Fortunately, they jive pretty easily with Keto guidelines. Let your imagination run wild when combing the market and in time, you’ll have an army of Keto tacos to call upon whenever hunger strikes.

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