It's Libra Season

Get balanced with your bad self.


Libra Season is here and it arrived in tandem with the Fall Equinox. Translation: the sun moved into Libra during the time during Fall when day and night are evenly split. Which totally makes sense, because Libra is the sign of balance. And totally doesn’t make sense if you think believing in astrology makes you slightly unhinged.

If you’re like us, and are down to pick up what the stars are putting down, here’s what you need to know. Libras are big on love, equality, and acceptance. Which feels like an astrological sigh of relief after Virgo Season, a time of perfectionism and getting sh*t done. Basically, it’s high time to figure out how to redistribute your work life balance. Here’s a gentle hint: it’s about more about life than it is about work.

But, I don’t have time!

Fall is stressful. *We feel you. *

After coming off some summer vacation time, it might feel like you need to kick it into high gear in work and at home. But what Libras know best is that when you lose sight of the big picture, everything ends up suffering. AKA the more you find time to fit in self care, time with friends, and a little adventure the more likely you are to avoid burnout. Maybe that seems like a tall order when you are overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be a Gcal gymnast to fit fun in. You just have to find a few clever hacks to get the most out of your current lifestyle.

We know what you are thinking: are you actually suggesting life hacks to me right now?

Yes and no. We’re not going to send you a list of -insert stereotypical buzzfeed lifehack that doesn’t really work here- But, we are going to give you a few easy ways to save time and do more.

Put down the phone. Takeout is not the answer.

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal to keep you grounded, but it can feeling overwhelming to meal prep or to shop after work. Why not keep it simple? Try a slow cooker to save you time or a pasta maker for a dinner that is waaaay easier than it seems and also waaaay delicious.


You don’t need a weekend away

Libras see beauty everywhere and in everything and you can too. This fall, don’t skip town for a weekend retreat, challenge yourself to see your city or suburb with a fresh perspective. Get out with some gear on a new trail or see your usual haunts from a new angle with a go-pro.


You’re getting this (or at least we think you are)

Essentially, Libra Season serves as a little nudge for you to live your best life or to appreciate what you already have. You can take or leave that advice, but we kinda think it can’t hurt to take it.