It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like… Stressing Over Holiday Gifts

Give Awesome Holiday Gifts. Don’t Go Broke.

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The holidays mean a lot of things –– terribly awesome movies and TV specials, slightly cooler temperatures, peppermint… everything, and swallowing the bitter pill that you’re about to sink a bunch of hard earned cash into presents for everyone on your growing holiday gift list. Aren’t you the popular one!?

But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case this year. You can break the cycle of bloated gift gifting budgets and lavish presents that mostly end up in a closet in six months by being a little more creative and thinking outside of the big box store. Giving friends and loved ones the gift of a local experience is not only more budget friendly and eco-conscious, it encourages people to stop collecting things and to get out and explore their surroundings and realize that memories are far more valuable than the season’s hottest trends.

Throw in the added bonus of not having to go to The Grove for the ideas on this list, and you’ve got yourself a nice little holiday.

Be A Local Tourist


From hikes with wolves in the Angeles Forest to journaling with a true hippy on the beaches of Santa Monica, to a speakeasy tour of DTLA, there’s truly an Airbnb Experience for anyone. Most are reasonably priced and offer a pretty unique way to explore corners of the city you normally wouldn’t think to visit. And it makes a gift that they a)probably didn’t see coming and b)won’t end up in the back of their garage. Make a list of the people you need to get a gift for and think about what makes them unique or what they truly enjoy. Chances are there’s a local Los Angeles experience that’s perfect for them.

Support A Museum


Los Angeles is blessed with a handful of top-notch, nationally recognized museums that run the gamut from fine art to the beauty of breakups. The bigger ones (LACMA, MoCA, The Broad, Natural History Museum) also offer annual memberships that come with pretty cool perks throughout the year - access to special exhibits, discounts at gift shops, and special events like happy hours and exclusive parties. Getting cultured just got cool.

Support A Local Farm


Everyone has the friend who boldly (and obnoxiously) claims to be a “total foodie.” But, if you have a friend who likes to actually cook rather than Instagramming their appetizers at the hottest brunch spot, a membership to a local CSA could be the perfect thing. Depending on the theme and amount you sign up for, they’ll get regularly scheduled deliveries of local products like meats, eggs, veggies, and even goats milk that they can experiment with to their hearts desire. Side perk: you’ll get first access to a home cooked meal.



Everyone loves a bouquet of flowers. And thanks to this modern age of independence and DGAF-ness, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy a fresh bouquet, no excuse needed. And thanks to Bouqs, you can give your bestie a fresh, seasonal flower arrangement that they can enjoy at home, work, or wherever they choose to display them. Every time they show up at their door, your friend will be reminded of how awesome you are.

Joymode Subscription


The gift of Joymode is the gift that keeps on giving. LITERALLY. Honestly, just give it to yourself. #SelfLove.

We’re firm believers that you don’t need to run out and buy a bunch of stuff in order to live a meaningful life. With a membership, you have access to all of our unique, curated bundles that equip you with everything you need for activities like cooking a gourmet meal, hosting an outdoor movie night, heading out on a desert camping trip, or just getting your apartment really, really clean. Once you’re done with the bundle, we’ll come pick up the equipment and you’re on to the next great adventure. No extra storage space needed, no unnecessary investment in a vacuum you shamefully only use once in a while.

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