Hygge the Heck Out Of A Night In

Do it with your partner. Go it alone. As long you're feeling C-O-Z-Y, that's all that matters.

Joymode hygge

2016 was the year of hygge. You could hardly scroll without seeing an article about how the buzzy Danish term was sweeping The States. Defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” it makes sense it caught on...who doesn’t want to get cozy??

Despite the concept's kind of annoying bandwagon virality, we’re still on board. All through December, we lit candles, hung lights and baked cookies, but how can you keep the holiday hygge feeling going when your decorations (and time off) are past the expiration date? We’re starting easy –– by staying in.

Here’s how we’re hygge-ing the heck out of the house when we have time for a night in.

Old School Vibes


Put down the $100 dollar candle –– Hygge is about creating a feeling, not buying stuff. And, our favorite way to channel creation vibes is by going old school for a night. Because, what’s cozier than Marvin Gaye on vinyl and sipping on a glass of that good ass whiskey? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Or, if you’re feeling a little less chill, grab your favorite records, softest socks, and solo dance around the apartment like no one is watching (because the only one actually watching you is your cat). Don’t have a record player? We got you covered.

Go Italiano


We’re pretty sure pasta is a love language. Honestly, nothing is as comforting as a big ole’ bowl of it—it’s basically a carb-y Italian hug for your body. AKA it’s the culinary embodiment of hygge and making it fresh is definitely the most indulgent way to spend a night in. So, go ahead. Pour yourself a glass of red (or three), pull out the fresh pasta maker, and hang out with some tagliatelle or ravioli or bucatini…

As the kids say, “Get Lit”


After you’ve put on some records and plated a beautiful homemade bolognese, you’re ready to graduate to the ultimate hygge experience: a crackling fire. If you’re living in an apartment you probably don’t have a fireplace, but no need to stress. Borrowing a fire pit for the weekend is the perfect way to spend time outside cozying up to your significant other, or a nice Cabernet, or both –– you do the hygge version of you.

Hygge mode officially unlocked.

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