How to Win The Trick-Or-Treat Game in LA

Think outside the neighborhood.


With its perma-sunshine and palm trees, LA can feel like it misses the mark on fall, but we think it makes up for its lack of sweater weather by being the best city to celebrate Halloween.

With warm nights, plenty of family-friendly residential neighborhoods, and an entire industry of people who make costumes and build sets for a living (we’re talking the most EXTRA haunted houses), Los Angeles is an unbeatable location for trick-or-treating. Still, to get the night right, it takes a bit of planning. Don’t stress, Angelenos (Yup, we just called you Angelenos. Go with it.) Whether this is your first rodeo or you’ve been around the literal block collecting candy before, there are a few ways you can plan ahead to make the most of Halloween night with your family.

Gear up ahead of time

The scariest part of Halloween in LA? Traffic and crowded party stores. Don’t wait to get your supplies until the day of. Pick up or order the trick-or-treating essentials ahead of time so you don’t spend the 31st stuck in traffic on Sunset listening to your kid desperately try to sing along to Monster Mash on repeat in the backseat as you navigate every store on your side of the 405 for supplies.


Think outside the block

While there’s no shortage of residential neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in LA, it’s important to pick the right one for the age of your kids and your energy level. If you are looking for the most decked out Halloween houses, head to Toluca Lake. They shut down streets to traffic and it’s home to many a Hollywood set designer. The result is a spooky wonderland that’s great for pre-teens, but probably a bit over the top for toddlers. If you are looking for something a bit more low key, Silverlake also closes certain streets to traffic, but is less crowded. Still feeling lost? Check Waze. JK, we've got a full neighborhood rundown.


Keep it comfy

Chasing after mini-monsters definitely offsets the calories of 16 mini-snickers, right? You’ll be running around all night, so it’s important to keep your costume comfortable. We think a unicorn onesie is the best way to go, it’s festive, comfortable, and warm. But, if that’s not for least trade out your Cinderella slippers for some sneakers.


Early bird gets the gummy worm

Timing is everything, especially on Halloween night. Getting an early start means avoiding monster traffic and overcrowded neighborhoods. Plus, it leaves time after trick-or-treating to invite your friends over for a spooky cocktail and a scary backyard movie night.


Load up on candy and prep the costumes, because you’re already on your way. Best part is, when you use Joymode (it's fully OK to eye roll at this plug btw), you don't need to keep this crap in your closets all year! Borrow it, love it, give it back and get something new that's...ahem...not Halloween themed.

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