How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine Like a Carny Pro

The carnival treat you can't deny. Unless you don't have a soul or are on a keto diet.

What’s fluffy, sugary, and usually only found at carnivals and on boardwalks? Cotton candy! You know, the stuff childhood dreams are made out of. Only this time you don’t have to wait for that one random summer festival to come back to town. You can rent a cotton candy machine from us and enjoy a cotton candy sugar high all weekend long. Sorry not sorry.

We know the carnival cotton candy slingers make it look so easy. And the truth is, anyone with half a brain can use a cotton candy machine and make the cloud-like goodness in no time at all. The machine does this by heating up the cotton candy sugar until it becomes a liquid. Science at its finest, folks. Then, the spinner head forces liquid sugar through its tiny holes until it cools down to make delicious threads of cotton candy.


Here’s how to make cotton candy using the Flufftastic machine:

  1. Make sure the machine is on a stable surface and plugged into a wall outlet. Extension cords are no bueno.
  2. Take a clean, damp cloth and run it along the inside of the floss pan and dry it before powering on the machine. This is key, otherwise the sugar and floss will stick to the sides.
  3. Hit the On switch and give it a few minutes to warm up (2-4 minutes).
  4. Dump a spoonful of the cotton candy sugar into the spinner head. (That’s the center hole. You can’t miss it.) In about 5-45 seconds, you’ll start to see floss appear out of thin air like some kind of Criss Angel mindf#ck.
  5. Grab a cone and hold the pointed end. With a quick flick of the wrist, stick the other end into the floss.
  6. Lift the floss up and start twirling it around the cone until you’ve reached your desired cloud of cotton candy goodness. Counter-clockwise works best. But you can even try a figure eight if you’re feeling fancy.
  7. Do it all over again until you’ve satisfied your craving or served all your friends.

It may seem like you need a “reason” to make cotton candy, but we’re here to squash that ridiculous rumor. Although, it’s true that a cotton candy machine makes an excellent addition to birthday parties, office gatherings, and even gender reveal parties. (Nope, we don’t have bundles for that category yet so you’re on your own. Just don’t burn a forest down like that guy in AZ did, OK?)

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Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels