How to Still Have Fun on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Indulging transcends complicated relationship statuses.

joymode valentine's day

When you ordered take out and watched a movie by yourself last week, it wasn’t a big deal.

You’re pretty much clear to do that most days of the year, but on February 14th, you might not feel so great about it. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a source of stress. Joymode’s got your back: here’s how to have the ultimate treat yo’self day this V-Day.

Embrace the Solo Movie Night


Rather than picking up some more pad thai and sobbing through The Notebook, set yourself up for success. Skip the rom com and go the opposite route; perhaps an action movie like Die Hard or a horror movie like the Jim Carrey Grinch. As for the menu? Go big. Make yourself a sous vide steak. See if you can eat an entire pizza by yourself. Order an excessively expensive amount of sushi. There are no wrong answers here.

Do an Escape Room


You want something to really take your mind off it? Lock yourself in a tiny room and spend an hour solving a bunch of puzzles, trying to get out. There are an insane amount of escape rooms in LA, so if you don’t know where to start, check out this handy list of the best escape rooms in LA. If nothing else, you’ll probably see some “happy couples” arguing in the lobby about who was more useful in their game. Oh so satisfying.

Do a Pub Crawl


Here’s the deal: this is a pretty transparent plan. This one will have a lot of people desperately searching for somebody to end the night with, but maybe that’s exactly what you want. We ain’t here to judge. Just be warned that if you’re not looking for a dude.... well, these things tend to be mostly dudes.

Overdo It On The Sugar


Go to CVS. Raid the hell out of the Valentine's Day candy aisle. You deserve it. Better yet, grab our Valentine's Day baking essentials and make yourself way too many baked goods. You double deserve it. Look, you can be single and still love the best part of Valentine's Day: the processed sugar.

Watch the Fyre Fest Doc


This really doesn’t have anything at all to do with Valentine’s Day, but that shit is still unbelievably fascinating and you should watch it.

Create a Frankenstein’s Monster-Style Significant Other

IMG 9359-min

Obviously this idea requires a whole lot more effort than the other ideas since it involves grave robbing, building a laboratory in an abandoned tower that runs exclusively on lightning, and knowledge of exactly when lightning is going to strike. That said, if you pull it off at least you won’t be alone on Valentine’s Day.

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