How To Prep For The Women's March in Los Angeles

We're not done fighting. Are you?

joymode planning women's march in los angeles

Hundreds of thousands of passionate people is definitely more intimidating than a rodeo. So, even if this isn’t your first time at the LA’s Women’s March, it’s totally normal to feel a little overwhelmed. But with a little planning your anxiety can be minimized and empowerment maximized.

Thinking ahead about organizing your group, creating (punny) posters, and logistics ensures that you feel prepared and ready to march for your rights.

Here’s how we're prepping for Saturday.

Get the gang together


Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out who you want to march with. Send out the group text ahead of time to coordinate meeting spots or poster making.

Get your supplies


Skip the store--if you want to make some kickass or punny posters grab a kit. Throw a poster making pre-party with friends or get your feminist expression on by yourself.

Get comfy


Pay attention to the weather and put on your walking shoes. The day is going to be long and you’ll be walking far, so comfort is key here.

Get snacks


Low blood sugar isn’t on the feminist agenda. Stores will be swamped and options will be limited, so packing some nuts high in protein or a PB&J is definitely a good idea.

Get hydrated


Don’t. Forget. Water. Just because it's not the standard million degrees out, doesn't mean you can't get dehydrated. You don't know how long you'll be without access to water.

Get charged up


A little thinking ahead, means you can be more in the moment. A portable battery keeps you charged up and connected to your friends.

Women, allies, whoever you are...go on and get out there. We’ve got your back.

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