How to Plan A Perfect Solo Day in LA

The perks of playing hooky in a big city are REAL.


You’ve made a big decision regarding your future: There’s no way you’re stepping into work tomorrow.

It’ll be better for you and the company this way. You’ll call in a sick day and everyone will benefit from all the rest, renewal and rejuvenation that follow over a glorious day of pampering yourself, hanging out and enjoying the city.

To ensure your journey into professional absenteeism goes smoothly, we’ve assembled a sample itinerary for your big day-off below. Think of the whole enjoyable adventure as a gift you’re giving yourself. Really, you shouldn’t have.

7:00am You’ll open your eyes nice and early, roll over, and remind yourself you’re free of mortal concerns and don’t need to take a single step today if you don’t want to. At which point, you’ll immediately go back to sleep. And yes, that just might be a unicorn onesie you’re wearing.

8:40am Maybe you’ll get up now. Only and entirely because it’s your choice. And again, that’s maybe.

8:43am Coffee. The good stuff. Then you might decide to power down your phone for the morning and pick up a book or catch up with a creative project you’ve been meaning to get back to.

10:05am: Just because you’re not reporting for laptop duty today doesn’t mean you’re going to lay around all day. It’s a perfect time to get your heart racing. Some sun salutations in your living room, boot camp or Pilates class could be the ideal to recharge. Or maybe you’ll convince a friend to meet you for a hike in the canyons. Whichever canyon is furthest from the office, since you’ve got that low profile to keep.

11:50am: Jump in an Uber or leap on your bike to visit a neighborhood with which you might not be familiar. We love strolling down Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz. Grab a cheap diner lunch at Fred 62 or have a leisurely brunch and people (ahem, CELEB) watch at Figaro Bistrot. Pop into Skylight Books and Scout Classic for some window (or real) shopping.

1:07pm: Okay, it’s time to go back to thinking only about YOURELF again. Get pampered with a massage, spa treatment or whatever you need to feel refreshed. We like Willow Spa in West LA, Raven Spa in Venice and Olympic Spa in Koreatown. But maybe you just want to get home to a bath and with a glass of wine on top of one of thos Instagram bath caddys.

2:30pm: Perform “Twist & Shout” on a float in the Von Steuben Day parade with your best friend Cameron and your girlfriend Sloan at your side.

3:00pm: Put on a great playlist and make a delicious bread recipe using our Bread Maker. You're going to want to choose something crusty that pairs well with, like, five different cheeses.

5:00pm: Take that fresh bread, a bottle of wine, and those, like, five different cheese and head out to Echo Park Lake or Venice beach with a picnic basket to watch the sunset with the best date ever, YOU.

7:30pm: If you’re going out on the town, you’ll think about doing dinner at Fiona on Fairfax, Slab on West 3rd or Atrium in Los Feliz. Hopefully the weeknight helps you get one of the white-hot tables.

9:00pm: An ideal way to cement the memories of your truancy at this point would be to catch a live show. Maybe you’ll cath a visiting band bring El Rey to its knees. Or find an unexpected star taking the stage by surprise at UCB Franklin. Of course, no one is judging if you just want to catch up on sleep before the whole sweet dream of a day is through. However it is spent, we hope it’s everything you need to reconnect with yourself and face the next day feeling only like having a secret with yourself can make you feel.

Remember...No matter how awesome you make your solo day off, you CANNOT under any circumstances post anything to social. This never happened.