Never Need Movers Again

DIY moving IS possible.

Moving Day. Just saying these words can send friends fleeing and migraine pains shooting up your neck. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Because we’ve found a simple solution to one of life’s biggest challenges:

It’s our Moving Day Bundle, aka $579 worth of equipment that will make a breeze out of changing homes. And here’s how you’ll use it.

Your old moving vessels:

A bunch of cardboard boxes you attempted to source for free from behind a Stater Brothers but ended up buying at inflated rates at Staples. And that’s before you had to tape them together, pile your stuff into them and keep them intact during the move.

Your new moving vessels:

You’ll have 30 Uline nesting boxes, in three different sizes, each with 70 pounds capacity. They stack neatly on top of each other and won’t fall apart. The best part? You won’t even have to touch a tape gun. They’re reusable, too.

Your old moving stand-by:

You lugging around boxes or hiring expensive movers, breaking either your back or your bank account.

Your new moving stand-by:

The Moving Day Bundle also includes a 2-wheel hand dolly that folds into a thin flat shape to stow easily in your ride. It can even ride shotgun. If it calls it first.

Your old moving dialogue:

“Oh shit, I need to be out of this place by 5pm but I’m not sure I emptied the upstairs drawers and the U-Haul is full. Aggggh!”

Your new moving dialogue:

“Oh, my love, let’s pick up the bed now using those two fun two-person moving straps Joymode dropped off yesterday. Weeee! I told you it’d be fun.”

Your old post-moving move:

Drop half-dead on the floor surrounded by boxes full of lord knows what, spine feeling somewhat shattered, psyche permanently damaged.

Your new post-moving move:

Curl up on the couch with your significant other, Netflix, and a glass of red wine, having a fair chuckle at those still challenged by conventional moving, while we’re outside, silently picking up all the moving equipment that you won’t have to store in your new spot.