How to Host Your Friends With Kids Safely And Sanely

You just need the right stuff and a good attitude.

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It could be your friends. It may be your in-laws. But one of these days you’ll be unable to escape it: your favorite people are coming over. And they won’t be alone.

Hosting people with kids can be a challenge. How will you keep them entertained? How will you keep them fed? How will you keep your 4K Ultra HD flat screen unsullied by tiny, sugar-encrusted fingerprints?

Stick with us as we walk you through out ultimate guide to hosting people with kids.

Ask Questions


Before you open your home to this menagerie of yard apes, rugrats and the cutest little terrors you love dearlt, it helps to gently interrogate your visitors first. Is their kid one of those kids that’s allergic to peanut butter? Are they allowed to watch TV? Will the presence of an adult wearing clown makeup disturb them? Would it just be easier for you to get the Toddler Essentials bundle that comes with a crib and some baby toys? The more you know, right?

Get Toys

Joymode Aniki Overdrive

You may think kids want to high-five you then hang around hearing about the Garbage Pail Kids you collected as a youth, but the truth is, they’d be happier ignoring you, especially in those first shy moments. The best way to draw their attention into a safe space of their own is with toys. And man, do we have toys.

Like robot racecars. And Harry Potter wands. We also have Nerf guns and fake food trucks and castles. Even better, we will drop these things off immediately so your little houseguest gets lulled into a peaceful sense of security at your place.

Stock Up On Food


Oh, right. You have to feed everybody, too. Keep the Brie and wine for your adult friends. Trust us, they need the wine. Kids don’t eat anything except chicken nuggets. So buy some chicken nuggets already. And, if you want to have a cotton candy machine on hand, just let us know. The kids will not object.

Venture Outdoors


Fact (that we just made up): Kids get bored 83% quicker indoors than out. So if the weather permits and you can keep an eye on them, definitely get them outside. If you need a little extra help, we’ll happily provide you with a bubble machine or tiny waterslide for little ones.

Bigger, fully movable kids will love our Scooter Bundle, which comes with enough wheels for two kids and an adult. Meaning you can get ¾ of a nuclear family out of your space in one attempt.

And if you have a pool, congratulations. We have a giant inflatable donut and its unicorn buddies to introduce you to.

Don't Feel Bad About Video Games


Who are we kidding? If you’re really in trouble, you need video games, which will ensure you never hear a peep from anyone all day just as long as they’re holding a controller. We have Bundles with the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and even Super Nintendo. Remember that?

Plan A Movie Night


The adults are buzzed. The kids are tuckered out. It’s time to get everyone together in one place. Our Movie Night Bundles are perfect, whether you want to watch The Grinch indoors with an inflatable 5-foot Grinch and a popcorn machine or show Star Wars on a giant screen in your backyard next to an 8-foot Jabba the Hutt.

The only danger here is that they’ll think your house is incredibly cool and keep begging to come back. Unfortunately, we don’t have a My Dinner With Andre movie night bundle. Yet.

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