How to Give Your Apartment the Deep Cleaning it Deserves

So fresh, so clean…OutKast status.

If your walls could talk, they’d probably say something like, “Look, I know you’re really busy right now and, basically, all of the time, but this apartment could really use a good cleaning because I honestly don’t remember the last time you took some Windex to the windows or dusted, well, anything. So yeah. Maybe that.” Instead of binging last season’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce again, put that time to good use and treat your apartment to the deep cleaning that it deserves. We put together some cleaning tips and tricks to make it easy peasy so you can get back to your regularly scheduled binging in no time.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat

When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? If the answer is never or more than a year ago, keep reading. Your curtains are collecting so much dust and debris, especially if you keep your windows open for natural air circulation. Before you toss them into the washing machine, check the tag for cleaning instructions. No tag? No problem. Most curtains can be washed on a gentle cycle. Skip the dryer and hang them back up to dry.

Kill multiple birds with one stone and use this time to also wash throw blankets, removable pillow covers, duvet covers, comforter and bed sheets. We recommend collecting the items you want to wash and starting a load or two before cleaning anything else. If you don’t have a washer and dryer in your unit or apartment building, save the laundromat trip until the end.


Bye, Dust Bunnies

Before you vacuum, get yourself a good duster and swipe those dust bunnies away. This goes for bookshelves, lamps, picture frames, tables, decor, blinds and anything else that’s collected a layer or two of LA’s disgusting dirt. It’s important to do this before you vacuum because any dust that that ends up on the floor will be sucked up later.


Zoom, Zoom Vacuum

Look, that red Dirt Devil stick you bought for $10 in college isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to adult with a real vacuum. One that comes with attachments to suck up the scaries hiding underneath your bed and on the blades of your ceiling fan. If you’ve never used a Dyson, it’s basically the holy grail of vacuums. You can borrow one from us and prepare to be amazed as the swivel ball easily maneuvers around furniture and the sheer power of the suction collects crumbs, pet hair and everything else hanging out in cracks and crevices. You can use the Dyson on rugs, carpets, tile and hardwood flooring, which makes it super versatile.


Magic Carpet Ride

Pretty much no one wants to roll up their slightly stained rugs and schlep them to a rug cleaner. Do it yourself with a legit Bissell Carpet Cleaner. The device works on most carpet and rug types and leaves them looking professionally cleaned without the hassle or expensive price tag to have someone else do it. This carpet cleaner rental comes with attachments so you can clean stairs and other hard-to-reach spots that never get any love. Your landlord will be so pleased.


All the Way Up-holstery

Has your couch seen better days? Give it new life with a good vacuuming first followed by an upholstery cleaning. If it’s an option, you can easily toss removable couch cushion covers into the washer using a gentle cycle. Be sure to let them air dry to avoid accidental shrinkage. As for the rest of your couch, the Bissell Carpet cleaner comes with a special brush for washing.


Power Washing FTW

If your milkshake isn’t bringing anyone to the yard, it’s probably time to clean it up. Sweep, trim and rake that overgrowth. Give the patio a good pressure washing. You can even use it to blast off gunk buildup on patio furniture and those flamingo lawn ornaments.


Everywhere Else

Areas like the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom are probably pretty well-maintained on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them a good once-over while you’re already at it.

Now, would you look at that?! A sparkling clean home. Throw some new sheets on the bed (but don’t forget to shower first before sliding under those covers), light some candles and enjoy the sweet, sweet feeling of victory. You conquered the $h!t out of that cleaning task, and we bet it wasn’t so hard after all. Since your place is so clean, you might want to invite friends over for a movie night, Sunday brunch or a silent disco party so they can marvel at your hard work.