How to Celebrate the Holidays Like a Sagittarius

Spoiler: It's very fun.

Happy holidays, ya weirdos –– the holidays ~ Sagittarius Season is finally here. It’s time to celebrate the creative energy, free spirit, and big picture thinking of the ninth sign of the zodiac, and we guess it’s also time to “deck the halls” or something. From November 22 to December 21st, the energy of the archer is upon us and will have us feeling all kinds of existential about the holidays.

In the spirit of Sagg, we’re doing the season a lil’ weirder this year. Here’s how.

Gift Giving


Sagittarius are master framework shifters. Hanging out with them is like putting on a pair of glasses that can make even the most mundane of objects and experience shine with new texture (AKA the OG snap spectacles). They’re likely to think deeply about the nature of your relationship, the culture of exchange, and the meaning of life itself before giving a gift. To channel them while crossing names off your list, ditch the crowded stores and cyber sales and go vintage. Peruse your local pawn shop or thrift for something funky for friends and family. We promise whatever you find will cost less and have way more story than the stuff you’re rush delivering to your house.

Holiday Anthem


We we’re going to name an obscure holiday song, but screw it. The only music that matters in December is Mariah Carey’s classic, All I Want for Christmas is You. sings “sorry, not sorry” in falsetto

Holiday Decorating


Burning candles and shiny things makes chillier weather feel cozy as hell, but decorating for the holidays can also be a major stress inducer. Ever spend an hour detangling twinkle lights? Yeah, same. A true Sagg knows the magic of the season is in the experience of spending quality time with loved ones. Skip the stress and get right to the hanging with friends and fam, by letting us take care of the decorations.

Holiday Cocktails

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Everyone knows someone who is like weirdly obsessed with eggnog. And that person is always, no really, always a Sagittarius. Honor their strange eggy-bev loving palette by serving up this classic holiday cocktail. Bon Appetit has a great recipe adapted for almond milk if lactose ain’t your thing. Or, if this block of text triggered your gag reflex,’s a different option.

Traditions, don’t have to be so, you know, traditional. Why not weird it up this holiday season like a Sagittarius? We promise it will be way more fun. But maybe put away the alien-shaped gingerbread before your in laws come over...

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