This Couple Got Their Dream Honeymoon On A Budget

When you get married two months after your engagement... it doesn’t leave a ton of time for saving money.

Helen L. and her wife were married only two months after the initial proposal.

While the two were excited to get hitched, their decision to do so that quickly was a bit more complex than just two smitten folks rushing to the altar.

“We are a lesbian couple and after the presidential election outcome, we made a decision to get married as soon as possible,” Helen said.

And while they managed to pull the wedding off in a very short amount of time – it didn’t leave much leftover cash for their honeymoon. “Our wedding was crowd-funded in part, so we ended up with no money for a honeymoon,” said Helen.

Luckily, two of their good friends who were recently married offered to let them join them on their honeymoon to Costa Rica, allowing Helen and her new wife the chance to get the honeymoon they dreamed of. But even with this huge act of kindness, Helen knew it would still be tight financially.

“We needed to make it as cost effective as possible,” she said.

Oddly enough, one of the biggest expenses the couple felt they couldn’t avoid was purchasing new luggage. In a last-ditch effort before buying new stuff, Helen decided to check Joymode.

And luckily – she found the travel necessities bundle which included luggage and noise-cancelling headphones for the trip.

“For the next eight days we each lived out of our suitcase,” said Helen.

And once they got there – the trip was an experience the two of them would never forget. “It was the first time I was away from home on the anniversary of my mom's passing so there was a great deal of processing that happened for us both,” she said.

“I know it may seem minor but having good luggage and good tunes removed a certain amount of anxiety and worry from our shoulders and allowed us to feel like we could go anywhere and do anything at a moments notice.”

“Costa Rica was my wife's dream vacation and to be able to have given her an experience like this was really special for me as her partner,” said Helen.