Host A Onesie Game Night Because You're Too Tired to Go Out

Cozy + top shelf booze from Costco + board games + friends = A Saturday night you can get behind

Joymode onesie party

There comes a point in all our lives when we are forced to admit that maybe being a sloppy mess out on the dancefloor after consuming too many overpriced cocktails isn’t such a good look (...sigh). But just because we’re getting older (it happens) doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun.

So, instead of blowing up the group text about which bar or club you’re going to stand in line for this weekend, invite people over to your place for a “night out” that’ll be truly unique. And maybe just a little bit weird. Here’s the set up:

Get the gang together

No pushing your way to the bar. No more side eye from inebriated 20-somethings. No more waiting “for that base to drop” while you pretend to understand what your friends are saying over really loud music. This weekend - you’re staying in and having a game night. Hurry! Send out the group message now, before someone suggests Jello Shot Night at Tia Lou’s.

Then, start thinking about what animal best represents each of your friend’s inner spirit, because...

You’re ordering everyone animal onesies. Obvi.

It might feel weird at first. But once everyone slips into one of these ultra comfortable bodysuits/pajama alternatives, get ready for alternate personalities to come out. Jessica is always talking about how she feels like a goddamn unicorn. Now she can finally be one!

And if people are a little hesitant at first….

Bring out the punch bowl. Stat.


Everyone needs a little encouragement when trying out something new. Luckily, you’ve thought ahead and are providing a little liquid courage with a craft cocktail kit complete with copper punch bowl. Google a few recipes for classics like the perfect martini or spicy margarita and start limbering up everyone’s trivia skills, because….

Now it’s game time.

Crack open the Jackbox Party Pack, pop the Amazon Fire Stick into your TV and boot up your favorite trivia games like You Don’t Know Jack, Quiplash, and Trivia Murder Party. Pro Tip: Set the expectation ahead of time for how competitive the night will get. While splitting up into teams is fun, we often prefer the “everyone just scream answers at the TV screen” approach.

Sure beats being out on a dance floor.

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