Homemade Pasta = Date Night Goals

You don't need to go out for date night.

Joymode Pasta Maker

Love is kind. Love is patient. Love is… something that requires a little effort every once and awhile. Being in a relationship is bliss but, if you’re not careful, it can easily slip from Lady and the Tramp-ing a bowl of pasta and meatballs to sliding a greasy pizza box back and forth on the couch.

If you need to inject a little romance back into your partnership, might we suggest closing the Dominoes tab on your browser, shoving the pile of junk that’s been collecting on your kitchen table all week, and making it an extra special night for your SigOth. Here’s how to Lady and Tramp your next date night:

Surprise & Delight

christie-kim-769380-unsplash-min Plan just a little bit ahead and order up an bouquet or two of really nice flowers. It shows you still got that extra romantic flare. And will possibly cover the odor of your dirty laundry you jammed in the closet.

Set the Mood

jaRDy2oM Every great date night requires a soundtrack. And a great soundtrack requires quality equipment. Grab this record player, complete with a selection of professionally curated albums, and get ready to instantly be in a more romantic mood. Pro Tip: Candles are also a good touch here.

Make Pasta From Scratch Together

SPz9l7b0 Here’s where you’re actually one-upping the whole Lady and the Tramp theme. Because the pasta that you and Beloved will potentially be noodling over will also be made by your own hands! With a pasta maker, all you need are a few basic ingredients, a great meatball recipe, and some clean hands are you’re ready to go!

Eat Your Masterpiece Without Screens

dJZ7Rw7Q Se the table. Include napkins. Maybe even a candle or two! Enjoy your hard work together without phones or TV. Just enjoy each other's company.

OK, Then Add In The Screens

56wxZfTA Once you're done eating...move things to the couch to get a little hot and heavy...and competitive with some Mario Kart.

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