Have You Met Our Friend, The Stayborday Weekend?

Yes...it's a thing we made up.

FYI: Labor Day Weekend is celebrated in honor of the American Labor movement and the contributions workers have made to the well-being of the country. Full disclosure: we didn’t not Google that.

In other words, it’s the Monday you earn in exchange for not rolling your eyes at your coworker who abuses the phrase, “rise and grind.” (Sorry, Steve. It’s not OK!)

Unless you already organized plans for LDW (you definitely didn’t), we ACTUALLY want you to take a damn break. You really truly deserve a time away from the grind and, at the very least, from the people who talk about it just a little too earnestly. (Love ya Steve, but you really gotta stop!)

This isn’t one of those “WFH” Mondays –– don’t just sit at home and watch [INSERT TRASH REALITY SHOW TOO EMBARRASSING TO TYPE OUT HERE] while idly refreshing your email. But also, don’t lose your mind while trying to organize a last minute trip to Tahoe with 17 loose friends from college, with whom you have nothing in common anymore, proceed to collapse into an existential crisis over one too many boat beers, and return from your vacation feeling more exhausted than before you left.

It’s the end of summer. It’s hot. It’s kind of humid. Planning a trip out of town can make anyone feel le tired at the mere thought. Instead, our suggestion is a “Stayborday Weekend.” And yes, we created that term. And no, we don’t want your judgement.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 10.37.10 PM

Basically, we are asking you to elevate your chill. We are also asking you to forgive us for saying the words “elevate” and “chill” in the same sentence. But what does “elevating your chill” actually mean? Good question. We’re making this up as we go along, but we’re pretty sure it means doing more than just picking up a kombucha on the way to the beach and calling it a day. It means, chilling better. It means chilling SMARTER, not harder. Are you down to chill? DTC? Meh, ok we’ll stop trying to make new slang happen.

We have digressed so hard. The point we’ve been trying to make this whole time is that you shouldn’t default into a snoozy hang at your one friend’s place that has a sad communal apartment pool. (You don’t even really like Haley! She makes off color jokes that no one calls out.) Do it big. This is a holiday weekend, people! Bringing an array of TJ’s dips and chips to Malibu is not impressive.

There are three ways to Stayborday Weekend, all of which are completely valid forms of celebrating being away from your inbox.

Become One With The Couch

It’s ok to have legitimate feelings for the three most perfectly imperfect cushions on couch. You’ve been so busy lately, the quality time has really been at an all time minimum. Take the weekend to reignite the (non literal) flame by having an NES marathon like the good old days, or making your own ice cream because leaving the house seems too damn scary.

Is it you? Explore more indoor activities.

Get Shit Done

Don’t feel like a dork if you want to spend your extra day off blasting through your dusty ass to-do list. Someone’s gotta do it! Finally deep clean the hell out of the area rug under your coffee table. You don’t even remember what color it was when you bought it. Or, fix all the cabinet handles. They should NOT be coming off into your hand every time you open a door.

Do you get off on being productive? Put the labor in LBD.

Lose Your GD Mind

This feels like the most obvious choice. Get on a group text to tell everyone to head over to your place. Pump a watermelon full of vodka or get the marg machine up and running. Make a playlist. Play some dumb games. Bust out the pool floats. Hell, even tell your friends to bring their adorable kids. NO WORK MEANS PARTAAAAAY.

Are you a freaking animal? Get all the essentials to let loose.

No matter how you spend it, you’re going to do Stayborday Weekend right because it’s made up, this is a blog post, and there are no rules. (Except for you Steve, no more “reply all” for you.)