Have A Family Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

When you have to trade a bar crawl for a crawling baby.

joymode st patricks day party

You remember how Saint Patrick’s Day used to be.

Jostling around in a blur at your local Irish tavern, evading lascivious leprechauns, super smashed bros and waves of green bile all night.

But things are different now. You have a family and friends who have both coffee table books and coffee tables. So now you follow our guide to having an absolutely incredible St. Pat’s celebration at home.

The Set-Up

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For the Fam: Before you break the seal on your soiree, you’ll allow us the great pleasure of bringing you our St. Patty’s House Party Bundle. This way, you’ll have a 5.5-gallon metal tub for your ice and drinks, four great cocktail recipes created solely for Joymode by LA’s own Hodde Bros. Beverages, and a home theater speaker system that comes with a tall stand. So you can hear the tin whistles soar this year.

And since you must wear green, lest you get pinched, have some fun finding a green outfit with some flair.

For the Kids: Oh the fun you’ll have going to Ahhs! and buying your littlest one a small green suit with buckled shoes and a green top hat. This is why you had kids, right? You can make the whole scenario more tempting if you pair them to a wee plastic cauldron of chocolate gold coins.

The Food


For the Fam: Here’s an easy-to-make dish that screams Irish-ness and is sure to impress your family and party guests. It’s Guinness-braised short ribs. You can make the three-hour version in a Dutch oven that doesn’t require too much attention. Or you can reserve our Instant Pot Meal Prep Bundle and make one in half the time using this recipe. In the end, you’ll have a pile of succulent short ribs with a deep, dark complexity endowed by the dark beer. And your brother-in-law will have seconds and thirds.

For the Kids: Shepard’s Pie, corned beef sliders and candy shamrock-topped cupcakes. All day, everyday. Well, this day, at least.

The Drinks


For the Fam: This is an Irish holiday here. So sure, you’ll stock some cases of Irish red ale and obsidian-shaded stout. But consider these mere chasers to Saint Patrick’s Day’s best friend: Irish whiskey. This will be your party’s fuel, the elixir that encourages lively chatter and the weird but socially acceptable body spasms known as dancing.

And it’s a great way for you and your friends to familiarize yourselves with a spirit that is booming in esteem: Irish whiskey. With its characteristically lighter body, it is something to sip and savor, not shoot.

While Jameson and Bushmills are classics, you may want to sample newer expressions like triple-cask-aged Slane, a Sexton single-malt or the Irish whiskey made by New York bar The Dead Rabbit. Or maybe you’ll put your money towards something deliciously pricey this year, like a Redbreast 15-year or the award-winning Teeling Single-Grain.

For the Kids: Not Irish whiskey. Definitely not Irish whiskey. Green food coloring in some 7-Up will do just fine.

The Music


For the Fam, Kids Included: Unless everyone adores early-20th century rebel marches or are big-time accordion fans, they might not love traditional Irish tunes.

Good news. There are a lot of Irish bands you probably already agree on that make for a solid national playlist. You know, the U2s, Cranberries, Snow Patrols and Thin Lizzys of the world. As the whiskey takes over and the antics start to flow, put on just about any Pogues album and the vibe will start to feel just right. A little bit rocking and a lot bit Irish.

Let’s just hope everyone has brushed up on their river-dancing.

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