Grab Holiday Travel By the Cheeseballs

This year, it's gonna be different.


🎶 It’s the most stress-induced time of the year / With the airplanes a-landing and all of the planning embedded with fear / It’s the most stress-induced time of the year! 🎶

But, like, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re making a trip this holiday season, we’ve got the travel essentials to make your life a little bit easier. And THAT is the greatest gift of all.

PreCheck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


The TSA PreCheck costs $85. It is worth every penny and thensome. Forget long security lines. Forget taking off your shoes. And, forget those cranky TSA agents reminding you to put your laptop in a separate bin. Go tell it on the mountain: PreCheck is worth it.

We Love It When A Plan Comes Together

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If you’ve never used a travel planner before, you’re missing out. Sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and SkipLagged make it so easy to find the cheapest deals available. You can even nab a hotel when you land, in case this is the trip you find out your childhood bedroom is now an exercise room/second office/den. Which site is best? It’s kind of like using a dating app in your hometown after being away for awhile -- you’ll kinda have to try them all a little bit to find out.

Have A Lil Treat!


We know you’re gonna be doing a heavy exercise circuit of “binge watch network TV while binge eating all of the snacks” at your childhood home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also give yourself a tiny treat at the airport. It’s a stressful place! Soften the blow with a thing of trail mix and a Cosmo! You deserve it, fam.

Get The Right Baggage


No, not the kind of baggage that results in cryin’ around the Christmas tree. More like the kind of baggage that’s stylish, practical, and compact. This carry-on, made by Arlo Skye (which is, in fact, a luggage company and not a 1960s folk singer), is covered in tough polycarbonate. It’s approved by every airline. And it can even charge your electronics, which’ll be perfect for avoiding any other baggage that comes up by burying yourself in your phone. It’s the perfect travel organizer, and you can nab it thanks to some Joymode To The World.

Preload Ya Devices


It’s the end of the year, which means everyone’s publishing Best Of Culture lists. Download all the podcasts, albums, movies, TV shows, and original streaming branded infotainment apps you’ve missed through the year, and catch up in the sky like a dang superhero. And we highly recommend downloading rather than relying on spotty airplane WiFi -- unlike your bubbe’s menorah, that metaphorical oil will run out.

At the very least, if you follow our travel essentials, you’ll be moving better than those Three Wise Men. All they had was a star and some myrrh! What even is myrrh? And more importantly -- is that covered under TSA PreCheck? Happy holiday travels!

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