Glamping in and Around Los Angeles

The alternative to camping when roughing just isn’t your style.

Just in case you’ve never heard the term before, glamping is the combination of the words “glamour” and “camping” smushed into one. It’s a posh style of camping that comes with a side of amenities you wouldn’t otherwise have access to when going on a traditional camping excursion in the middle of nowhere. In the latter example, baby wipes are your BFF. But when you’re glamping, there’s a better chance you’ll have access to a shower.

And, you’ll sleep on a bed. Yep. That’s the good life right there. Sleeping on a bed under the stars. Doesn’t get more glamorous than that. Glamping in and around Los Angeles is appealing because of the area’s vastly different environments. And with our temperate climate, sleeping outdoors almost always feels comfortable. There are a few ways to go about glamping, and we put those together for you so you don’t have to do the extra research. You’re welcome.


Glamp in Your Backyard

Or a friend’s backyard. Because we know not everyone is so lucky to have their own patch of green space. Our magical Backyard Glamping Sleepover is basically the adult slumber party of your dreams. We even throw in Apples to Apples and a star sky lamp since we know that the chances of seeing real stars (in outer space, not literal stars hanging out in WeHo) are slim to none. Roast marshmallows, scroll throw OverheardLA’s Instagram and Tinder to your heart’s content. Craft cocktails optional, but highly encouraged.

Book a Glamping Experience

It’s really amazing what you can find on the internet. So when we discovered Glamping Hub we were pretty stoked. It’s a website kind of like Airbnb that allows you to search for nearby glamping experiences. Choose your location, your budget and your dates to filter. They even offer pet-friendly options for those of you who can’t fathom leaving your furbaby behind. raises hand, because obviously These experiences run the gamut from tiny homes and cabins to yurts and airstreams.


Get-out-of-town Glamping

You can pretty much set up a canvas glamping-style tent anywhere you can set up a regular tent. Not sure where to go? Read through Everything You Need to Know About Camping in and Around LA for some expert tips. Our Glamping bundle comes with the tent, a queen-size inflatable mattress and power inverter, a cozy bedding set and a handwoven kilim rug that’s so drool-worthy you’ll want to keep it. The kit also includes a legit camping kitchen and a bunch of other accessories to ensure maximum comfort in the great outdoors. Just like the explorers before our time would have wanted it.

Collective Retreats Glamping

The company Collective Retreats is taking glamping to the next level with a network of glampsites all over the country. Currently, they’re based in Colorado, Montana, New York and Texas, but their newest location in Sonoma County, California, is due to open in 2019. While pretty pricey, we’ll admit, each retreat includes luxury amenities, locally sourced decor and chef-prepared meals at uniquely chosen locations.

Extra Joy Glamping Tips

  • If you’re thinking of glamping at one of our beautiful, but overly crowded, National Parks, book your campsite in advance. You can do that at Be mindful that pups are only permitted at campsites on a 6-foot leash but can’t hang with you on hiking trails.
  • It’s easy to track dirt inside your tent and on the kilim rug, so pack a pair of “indoor” shoes like moccasin slippers, fuzzy socks or plush slides. Plus, they’ll keep your feet warm and snuggly at night.
  • If you don’t have AAA, arm your car with the road trip essentials just in case of an emergency.
  • Bring your favorite blanket along. It’ll smell like home and add a personal touch to your getaway.
  • Set the mood with battery-powered candles or tea lights. Real candles are just way too dangerous.
  • Bring a gourmet meal and eat at an actual table. You’re glamping, after all. Burnt hot dogs and potato salad just don’t sound all that appetizing. Pair your gourmet meal with super-portable boxed wine like California-based BOTA BOX.

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