Get Your Pre-Holiday Decorating Clean On

Make it nice for the tree!

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We know it feels like you just finished doing the Thanksgiving dishes (“I really had to let them soak, ok?”), but we think it’s in your best interest to do a pre-holiday decorating clean. Because, before you string up the lights and sprinkle some fake snow, you might want to dig the remnants of Turkey Day and Halloween out from under the table, fridge, and couch... Please don’t ask us where we found a half eaten Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

The holidays are stressful, this doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can make your pre-decorating clean a wintry breeze.

Make a playlist


The best way to make it merry? Dancing while you dust. Before you pick up the broom, pick up your phone and make a playlist with all the holiday classics. You might end up wasting time because you keep using the duster as a microphone to hit the high notes in "All I Want For Christmas Is You," but is that really such a bad thing?

Also, make a list


Yes, Santa might be a fictional character who once served to promote good behavior and cheer, but now is a cartoonish pawn of an ever increasingly consumer-focused culture, but the dude definitely got one thing right: you should always make a list. If you’re going to do a major clean, you have to get organized first. Don’t try to tackle it all in one day –– figure out which areas you want to work on and cross off a few at a time. It’s kinda like an advent calendar, but way less fun than getting trinkets and chocolates. Welcome to the holidays as an adult.

Call in reinforcements


We don’t offer an army of helpful elves at this time (we’re working on it, ok?), but we can lend you bundles that make cleaning way easier and more effective. Our Cleaning Bundle will have you steam mopping, dusting, and vacuuming like a pro. Yup, we just said steam us, it’s gonna change your life, or at least your floors.

A little re-org never hurt nobody


Post-clean and pre-decorating is the perfect window for a little reorganization. Before you start pulling stuff out of boxes and drawers to string up, take some time to reassess how you can organize your supplies and decorations. Borrowing a De-clutter Bunde with a labeler will save you time and trouble this holiday season and next.

Still not feeling the we really have to remind you? The in-laws are coming. You’re gonna want to prep that guest room if you want to avoid passive aggressive and kind of archaic comments about your homemaking skills.

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