Everything You Need to Know About Creating Your Own DIY Photo Booth

Just add friends and say, “Cheese!”

If Instagram isn’t enough of a reason to believe that we all love smiling for our smartphones, than we don’t know what is. Selfies and Stories and Snaps prove that we’re all about sharing our experiences with others. And we don’t want to point fingers, but some of you do it a little too often. Yeah, you know that one friend we’re talking about.

Anyway! With this basic understanding in mind, one of the best ways to keep people happy and entertained at parties is to set up a simple DIY photo booth. It’s a great ice breaker and allows your guests to make countless memories all night long. The best part of a DIY photo booth is you don’t need fancy equipment. Just hang up a backdrop and smile — or smize, your choice — for the camera celebrity-style. Here’s a quick guide for setting up a photo booth in a snap!


The Backdrop is Everything

In order to create a somewhat contained photo booth environment, you’ll need to hang up a backdrop. In our photo booth bundle, we give you a gold sequin backdrop, but you can go all out and do live flowers, throwback 90s school portrait, tinsel curtains and pretty much any other theme or image you can conceive. Have fun with it!

Location, Location, Location

Look, you can’t stick the photo booth smack dab in the middle of it all. That’ll really throw off the party’s feng shui. Instead, choose a spot that won’t obstruct the natural flow but is still accessible and also set in very bright light, either natural or via lamps. This could be in a room corner, in a large enough hallway or against the hedges if it’s outdoors. You’ll want a space that’s large enough to accommodate your backdrop. In our case, the step-and-repeat frame that we provide is 8x8.


Just Add Props

Every good photo booth needs props. It’s super easy to buy these from your local party supply store or online. We can’t really tell what kind of props to buy because you’re the one who’s throwing the party. But we can tell you that they should align with the party’s theme, season or color-scheme. And they should be silly. Everyone loves silly, oversized, weird props.

Smile for the Camera

You don’t need a fancy camera rig for great photo booth pics. A cheap and fun option is to have a couple of Fujifilm Instant Cameras so your friends get to take home tangible pics instead of the digital ones stuck on their phones. Just make sure you supply enough film. Of course, smartphones are fine, too, especially for capturing Boomerangs. A third option is carefully placing an iPad on a tripod. The large screen is ideal, and it’s a great place to store the photos so you have them for years to come. You’ll need an iPad photo booth app like LumaBooth, which offers a free trial. And, if you want to take it one step further, you can hook up a wifi printer so friends can receive copies of their photos on the spot.

And, that’s all there is to it! It’s seriously so simple that every party in the future should automatically have a photo booth, don’t you think? As if your party isn’t already cool with the photo booth, you could amp up the cool factor even more with a frozen margarita machine or a full-on tiki bar.

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