DIY Your Own Wellness Retreat At Home

No one needs to pay hundreds of dollars for cucumber water.

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Wellness shouldn’t be stressful. But lately, it feels like the intention of being mindful is lost somewhere between the cost of a green juice and shirts that say “spiritual gangster.” Not only is wellness culture out of whack, it’s also not accessible. You shouldn’t have to cough up the equivalent of a month’s rent for a weekend yoga getaway. We think everyone deserves a chance to relax and reset, which is why we’re all about the DIY Wellness Retreat.

Here’s how were re-charging and restarting from home.

The Itinerary


Whether you plan on setting aside 45 minutes for meditating or spending the entire weekend relaxing, creating an itinerary for you DIY wellness retreat will help the whole thing run more smoothly. Decide who you want to invite (if anyone) and create a list of supplies. Getting everything you need beforehand will insure that you don’t panic during shavasana because you forgot to pick up vegan taco meat.

The Scene


You don’t need to go to Bali to connect with yourself and nature. You don’t even need to leave town. Just spending time outside, breathing fresh air, and enjoying your surroundings is enough to help you disconnect from your daily pressures and stress. You can make your own home feel like that retreat all your friends are Instagramming with a backyard glamping set. It’s a great way to set the scene for your weekend and will help you take the whole thing more seriously. Maybe just put the kid’s toys away in the garage, or a tall bush, whatever's easiest.

The Activities


Because wellness is basically synonymous with yoga at this point, no at home retreat would be complete without some good ole’ downward dogs. You don’t need to be “good” at yoga, but having the right gear will make it easier to get into the mindset you need to twist your body into a pretzel or just child’s pose your way through the entire weekend.


Get into guided meditation if sitting still is a challenged. Having the sound of someone else's voice will help you focus your thoughts away from your to-do list.

The Snacks

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Keep your retreat fresh with some homemade juices. It’s way less expensive than a store-bought cleanse, but you will still get that I-just-spent-$8-on-a-green-juice-glow. Our favorite recipe? Soothing Morning Juice from The Organic Kitche:


  • 2 cucumbers cold
  • 2 Granny Smith apples cold
  • 1 large lemon peeled (cold)
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey or 1/2" nub of fresh ginger

Run vegetables and fruit through juicer. Add raw honey and stir well. (If using ginger run through juicer in between the vegetables.)

The End


After you’re done sipping juice and looking at stars for the weekend (or looking at a smoggy sky if you’re in LA), there’s no need to rush like crazy back into regular life. Take your time adjusting from a few days of slowing down. The idea is that you can take some of this new mindset with you into the week.

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