Daylight Savings Means Romantic Sunset Margaritas

Heat up date night with a frozen marg.

Daylight savings means an extra hour of darkness when you’re trying to sleep in the morning. Daylight savings means an extra hour of light when you’re trying to pretend a world exists outside of work. But, most importantly, daylight savings means... you’re drinking margaritas at sunset!!

What’s That We Say?

Sunset margaritas.

They’re real. They’re margaritas that you’ll drink beside a person you love and an intolerably beautiful sunset that starts at a proper hour amid temperate weather.

Here’s the scenario:

With the first sign that the sun is starting to pack it up for the day, you’ll gently graze your lover’s antecubital fossa (that’s the soft center of the arm, opposite the elbow, of course) and tell them:

“I have an idea. Let’s make margaritas and drink them on [insert the nicest alfresco place you have access to at that moment here] while watching the sun go down.”

They’ll be like, “Yeah! Let’s do it. You really are a genius and this is one of many reasons I love you.”

You'll forget you ever had a fight, ever.

What You’ll Need

  1. A 432,168.6 mile-radius yellow dwarf star composed of scorching plasma with a gravitational pull that holds the entire solar system together.

  2. Tunes. Bust some Natalie Merchant, Radiohead or The Sundays out already. Whatever your go-to- sunset music is. When in doubt, something Cuban always work.

  3. Our Margarita Bundle, which comes with an attractive, retro-ish margarita machine from Margaritaville. The power switches even look like little shark fins, amongst other Jimmy Buffet allusions.

  4. Tequila blanco, ice, salt, lime and an orange-flavored Tripe Sec, like Cointreau.

  5. Glasses from which to drink these margaritas.

  6. Tacos (optional, but highly recommended).

How To Mix Your Margaritas

joymode margarita machine

It’s a snap thanks to the machine. You put ice in the reservoir up top. Then you literally just put all the ingredients into the pitcher part of the machine, adjust the button that shows how many drinks you want to make, then press on.

The machine will shave the ice for you and blend delicious frozen margaritas in a couple of minutes.

If you want a thicker drink, you can just select, “Blend,” and skip the shaved ice part of things.

And that’s all there is to it, really. Anything else, like learning how to not electrocute yourself or cut off fingers, you can consult the instruction manual.

Then What?

Music softly playing.

Sun spattering its majestic reds, pinks and purples all over the coastal canvas.

Alcohol coursing through your bloodstream, you turn to your companion for a gentle kiss.

The night is just beginning. The margarita machine will never get weary. And you can have your relationship and drink your marg too.