Cozy Holiday Cocktails For Couples Who Haven't Seen The Inside of a Bar In Months

Going out is HARD, okay??

joymode cocktails for couples

There's a dark phenomenon in long-term relationships wherein two perfectly normal, sociable people lose interest in their once favorite past time: drinking in a bar. The bar is the same... but something is missing. Like, the prospect of a drunk hook up.

It makes sense, especially in the colder months. It's objectively excrutiating to get motivated to go to a dark, crowded, sticky, and expensive public place if it's not going to result in you going home with a new love interest.'

You already have a leading lady or gent, and it's been dropping into the 40's at night, so like, no thanks. Pass the jammies and the 'flix.

But, you're in love, not dead. You can still drink like your former self...just a little more comfortably. Plus, it's the holidays! You don't want to let a whole season of nutty, warm, and berry-filled cocktails pass you by in a blink of a recycling bin full of cheap TJ's red wine bottles.

Put on your nice sweats, grab this ultra cool copper cocktail set, and drink up with the one you love...while you watch The Christmas Prince 2 in the privacy of your own home.

Winterberry Squeeze

Citrus and a little sparkling wine make this gin cocktail festive and fun. You can still be festive and fun AND married, remember?!


Gingerbread Man

This is great. Kill dessert and drinks in one cocktail.

:: High Five Your Partner::


After Dinner Stretch

The Kahlua, stout, and espresso will help keep you young, fun, and more importantly, AWAKE past 9 pm.


Cheers, lovers. Romance and holiday spirits can coexist this season.

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