Did Ya Know There Were This Many Ways to Make French Fries?

With a healthy ass AIR FRYER no less.

So you’re trying to eat out less. But you’re still trying to, you know, enjoy your life. Well guess what, homie: Cooking can be fun, simple, and delicious. “But I’m not a chef from Chopped,” you protest. “I barely have ANY sleeve tattoos or shocking backstories!” You’re in luck, friend. Because you, right now, can make incredible french fries using an easy and healthy air fryer in lots of different ways. Invite some folks over and have ‘em saying, “Diners, Drive-Ins and W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R” with these recipes.

Let’s Start With The Classic

Grab yourself some taters. Preheat the air fryer to about 380 degrees. Slice ‘em up using our handy dandy fry cutter. Coat them in about a teaspoon of olive oil (a TEASPOON? of OLIVE OIL? Deng these fries is HEALTHY). Fry ‘em for about 15 minutes, turning them over halfway through. Add whatever seasoning you see fit –– salt, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme. Heck, go for cinnamon if you’re feeling cozy. Serve and enjoy with confidence, knowing you’ve got yourself the best french fries from the best air fryer.

Sweet Po-ta-to (Bwamp, Bwamp, Bwamp)

You all got that was to the tune of Sweet Caroline, right? No? Go back and read-sing it again. And welcome back! If you think Neil Diamond melodies are delish, try the same classic fry recipe with sweet potatoes instead. If you really wanna impress, go for half and half reggie and sweetie. French fries never taste so good (so good! so good! so good!).

Breakfast Is The Most Important Fry Of The Day


Why not start your day right? With a breakfast french fry recipe that is simple to make, yet impressive to present? You’ll air fry your spuds as normal. While that’s going on, prepare yourself a couple over easy eggs. Then –– and watch out, ‘cause it’s about to get complicated –– plop the eggs down on top of the fries and chow down on the fusion. If you like your first meal caliente, season with hot sauce as you see fit.

My Big Fried Greek Potatoes

For this Mediterranean take, you’re gonna wanna empty out your spice rack. These crispy fries’ll be covered in oregano, paprika, onion powder, garlic, and even lemon zest. Then, you’ll want to prepare yourself some chicken tzatziki (Or, you know, buy yourself some chicken tzatziki. No shame in the pre-prepared game) with plenty of tomato and feta. The result is a meal in of itself, the perfect blend of salty sides and electric entrees.

Guess What: Mac And Cheese Fries

Macaroni and cheese… and french fries… living in perfect harmony… SHOW US WHERE TO SIGN.

Fryers: Let these suggestions be the beginnings of your inspiration. If you’ve got a stroke of crispy potato recipe genius, follow it through. Because when you’ve got the best air fryer at your fingertips... the french fry’s the limit.