9 New Years Resolutions That Actually Will Be Fun To Keep

Let's get real about resolutions.

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“I have to hit the gym more.”

“I need to drink less.”

“No more Facebook between the sheets.”

Too often, our New Year’s resolutions sound like punishments, right?! It’s no wonder they don’t tend to stick once they’re confronted by reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Traditional resolutions are also just way too BROAD. Let's get specific.

We’ve got nine resolutions to make your goals easier to achieve through the power of positivity. They’re simple, achievable commitments to living, dare we even say it... YOUR BEST LIFE. So out with the old, and in with the new (way of thinking)!

Old Resolutions: Lose 10 pounds.

New Resolution: Take a walk outside once a day, bringing better health to your mind and body.


How to achieve it: Firstly, set yourself up for success. A walk doesn't need to be a whole production. Commit to 10 minutes a day. Chances are, you'll exceed that amount because walks are the f*cking best. But 10 minutes is doable! Fortunately, you live in a legendary walking city. Ha, we kid. But L.A. is beyond blessed with hiking trails, beaches and, if it comes down to it, open-air shopping malls that combine pretty people-watching with exercise! In other words, you won’t even know you’re working out once you step outside but the beneficial results will accumulate. Of course, if you want to stay awhile, we’ve got the tent.

Old Resolution: Get organized.

New Resolution: Donate to those in need.


How to achieve it: Closet purging is no joke. It's can be an emotional experience cleaning out your closet and choosing what goes and what stays. Everything can be assignmed sentimentality! And, if it's been a while, the sheer volume can be daunting as all heck. But, if you frame it as a chance to give what you’re not using or wearing to others in need, it makes the experience more fun and purpose-driven, instead of just a painful breakup with that tank top you wore to Coachella once. We'll make it easy with our Declutter Kit.

Old Resolution: Unplug.

New Resolution: Engage.


How to achieve it: It’s no wonder why mindfulness was 2018’s biggest buzzword, considering how hard it is to pull anyone’s attention away from their phones and TVs and TV-phones (are those a thing? probably a thing). In such extreme cases, we suggest enrolling in a workshop that forces you to engage with others or work with your and hands or mind. See if your passion can be reignited for an old hobby or dive into something totally out of your comfort zone, be it a class in painting, paddleboarding, improv, yoga or a writer’s workshop that demands your undivided attention, with no device tugging at the corners of your mind.

Old Resolution: Drink less.

New Resolution: Drink smarter.


How to achieve it: Boozing it up is loads more sophisticated when you swirl the glass and say a couple of smart things about the contents before taking a sip. Yes, it’s time to culture up at happy hour. Whether it’s red wine from the Rhone Valley, barrel-aged whiskey or your local IPA, dedicate the times you do have a drink to learning about its production, country of origin, styles and competing producers. The exploration will broaden your horizons and turn a potentially wasted night out into an educational opportunity. Get crafty with the Elyx Deluxe Martini Set while you google recipes.

Old Resolution: Avoid dessert.

New Resolution: Build a more colorful plate.


How to achieve it: Instead of shunning delicious, strive to have a plate bursting with color in the form of salads, vegetable dips and fresh fruits when eating out and at home. This will ensure you’re embracing delicious, healthy nutrients. You can start by sampling liberally at the farmers market and bringing home anything you can’t resist. Borrow our food dehydrator to make that produce keep a lot longer!

Old Resolution: Consume less.

New Resolution: Just keep doing what you’re doing.


How to achieve it: If you’re already using Joymode, you’re on the right path. When you need an electric skateboard, we bring you an electric skateboard. If it’s a photo booth you need, we’ll bring you one of those. Or a portable fire pit or toolkit or heck, even the stuff you need to make fried chicken-and-waffles. This way you have things you only use occasionally cluttering up your space, which will now be free to decorate in that minimalist Scandinavian style you've been coveting on Insta.

Old Resolution: Save more of your salary.

New Resolution: Cut out dead spending.


How to achieve it: We all have those monthly charges for things we’re just not using, like app subscriptions you haven't opened in months, late fees, and small everyday purchases you could probably live without. Oh, and make your coffee at home and bring your lunch to work. The only subscription you SHOULD add is Joymode. $29 a month versus every impulse producut purchase. For the cost of a dinner out with your partner, you could have access to products and ideas for things to do all month long. You'll end up spending less and trying way more.

Old Resolution: Wean yourself off social media.

New Resolution: Make time for friends.


How to achieve it: Pick the one day of the week where you seem to have the least going on. Commit that space, even if it’s just an hour, to catching up with a different friend each week. Go for coffee, take your walk of the day with them, or invite a few people over for a game night. Who doesn't love a game night??

Old Resolution: Get out more.

New Resolution: Try something new.


How to achieve it: A year can go by so quickly. Wouldn't you love to look back and reflect on all the cool ass things you learned how to do or "attempted" to do? Grab a Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a flying lesson or brew your own beer. Take a surfing class or get certified to teach meditation or try your hand at the bagpipes, just please, not near us. You may not change your life in a day, but you’ll enrich it vastly by trying something new and, remember 2019 for the leaps you dared to take.

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