5 Tips for Throwing a Last Minute Birthday Party (When You Forget Your Son's Birthday)


Yes, you forgot your son’s birthday. No, that doesn’t make you a bad Dad. Well it sort of does, but here’s how you can salvage the situation.

Pick a theme and commit or ditch the theme

If you have a week until your kid’s birthday, the theme of your life is probably existential panic, but that’s not really an appropriate birthday party theme, is it? Unless, your nanny swapped your child’s copy of “The Giving Tree” for some Nietzsche. In which case, y i k e s. Personally, we think a theme party is a waste of time unless you really commit. Tired of trains, princesses, and pirates? Here’s some fresher options:

Don’t fake it if you can’t bake it

Every Los Angeles life coach with whom you’ve have signed up for a free twenty minute session (and never followed up with again) has told you, “Fake it until you make it.” But, we’re here to give you some advice that you might actually stick to: If you can’t bake a cake, don’t freaking make it. It’s a waste of time and you are going to end up creating some funfetti Frankenstein scarier than the Darth Vader impersonator your parents hired for your 7th birthday in 1986. Don’t ask us how we know how old you are.

Our tip: get a plain pre-made ice cream cake and ball out on the decorations. I scream, you scream, we all scream for doing less and getting the credit on Instagram.

Skip delivery

Greasy pizza is essentially a next-day breakfast food. Real, actual, non-delivery pizza is a dinner food. Convince us otherwise and we’ll buy you a slice. For the party, skip delivery and make your own with an outdoor pizza oven. Or better yet, make personal pizza creation the party highlight. It’s perfect for the little foodie in the family or for sticking it to that mom who keeps on sending threatening mass emails about party snacks being gluten free.

Treat yourself

It’s not your party, but hey, you can cry if you want to because crying is a healthy response to feeling overwhelmed. A cocktail is also a healthy response to feeling overwhelmed. Treat yourself and the fellow parents listening to the sweet, sweet, sound of 2 hours of the children screaming as they scramble and slip on a waterslide, to a craft drink. Cheers!

Make Cleanup Easy

Sorry to bring this up now, but you should also think about party cleanup while you are thinking about party planning. Good news is we can make it easy. Book a deep clean kit for the next day.

Look, it’s kind of a boner move to forgot your kid’s birthday. But it’s ok, you’re human. And, you have a Joymode subscription.