5 Things to do on July 4th

Not to toot our own horn, but these ideas would make our Founding Fathers proud.

It’s that time of year again. You know, that one time of year when you get a free pass to act like a raging patriotic lunatic without the consequences because everyone else around you is also acting like a raging patriotic lunatic. We figure you probably already have a red, white and blue t-shirt, bandana, swimsuit or beer koozie stashed somewhere in the depths of your “I use this once a year” drawer. So, bust that thing out and make the most of this awkwardly scheduled Wednesday holiday — seriously, who did that? — with one of our Fourth of July bundles.

From the beach to your backyard to the highest mountain 🎶 (no, not Hollywood Hills), we put together five awesome ways to get your stars and stripes on — SoCal style.

1. Plan a midweek seaside escape and honor your right to access the Pacific Coast’s public beaches on July 4th. Unless you’re one of those people who hates the beach. Festive add-ons? How about Firecracker ice pops, your favorite American-made beer (in discreet cups, obvi) and mini American flags to mark your spot?


2. Channel your inner all-American Michael Phelps and swim like nobody’s watching. Or float. Your choice. An Olympic-sized pool party to celebrate America’s birthday deserves some extra-fun and floaty flair.


3. Hot dog eating contest, anyone? Coney Island has one every Fourth of July, and now you can, too. The reigning champ hails from San Jose, CA, and ate a whopping 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes last year. You up for the challenge?


4. Make America Chill Again. If you’re not one for July 4th dramatics, keep it low key with close friends, locally made craft beers and conversation. And sparklers. Definitely sparklers.


5. You can’t get any more independent on Independence Day than exploring our country’s vast open spaces. If Uncle Sam, er, we mean your job, afforded you extra time off, we say take full advantage and make plans to skip town STAT.