5 Ideas For Your Apple Picking Haul

Because what the hell are you supposed to do with all these apples??

Even though Los Angeles is still showing off with her perfect 75 and sunny weather, some of us have a cozy October to-do list. AHEM…

Take an hour and a half ride for a day trip to Yucaipa, where you can check out places like Parrish Pioneer Ranch, Willowbrook Apple Farm, and Snowline Orchard to bring your autumnal vision board to life. Did you even do fall if you didn’t go apple picking? Your Instagram feed says, “NO!”

Ok, so you got the ‘gram (along with, like, 100 other variations on the shot you can’t bring yourself to delete for some reason), some great memories, and a literal shit ton of apples. Right, you didn’t think about the fact that apple picking results in...actual apples.

Now what??

Put the roller down! Before you spend a weekend baking panic pies for everyone you know and their extended family, explore your options!

Slow Cooker Applesauce

Let’s be real, applesauce gets a bad wrap, and it’s understandable. It’s chunky and oozy at the same time. It’s easy to digest because it literally looks pre-digested. This is a hard sell, we know. But make it sweet and spicy in a slow cooker and you’ve got yourself a fall treat, side dish, breakfast companion, and major ingredient in Applesauce Pancakes!

slow-cooker-applesauce Photo, Ahead of Thyme

applesauce-pancakes-with-caramel-apple-topping-31 Photo, Ahead of Thyme

Borrow a slow cooker from us!

Dehydrate Apple Chips

Another great way to get the most mileage out of the overwhelming amount apples you never expected to have in your home is to make apple chips using a food dehydrator. Make that fall feeling last by snacking on those babies for weeks.

how-to-make-dehydrated-apple-chips-800x419 Photo, Don't Mess With Mama

Borrow a food dehydrator from us!

Make Apple Juice

The most LA thing to do with all your apples is to juice them. Duh. Grab a juice machine and get to making a base you can freeze to use for spiced apple cider all winter long.

How-to-Make-Apple-Juice-2 Photo, Brooklyn Farm Girl

Borrow a juice machine from us!

Fondue Caramel Apples

If you’re cooking-adverse, or just really fancy, slice up your apples, throw some caramel sauce in a fondue pot, invite the neighbors over and have an upper-crusty sophisticated Halloween-themed gathering. Costumes optional (which means...don’t wear one).

exps37541 UH142930B03 26 6b-696x696 Photo, Taste of Home

Borrow everything you need for an apple caramel dipping party!

Bake A Damn Apple Pie

Fine, just make a pie if you need to make an apple pie! We were just trying to think out of the Kitchen-Aid mixer.

exps6086 HB133235C07 19 4b WEB-696x696 Photo, Taste of Home

Borrow your baking essentials from us!

No matter how you slice them...you need to deal with your apple picking haul somehow because your memories will last forever but….the apples, they definitely won’t!

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