4 Ways To Watch The Oscars This Year

If you can’t hang out with Meryl Streep at the actual awards, these bundles are a close second.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know the Oscars are an EVENT... and no – not just because of the street closures. For one night, thousands of folks tune in to see their favorite creators honored for their work (and just to see Oprah, obviously).

But since we all can’t be personally invited to attend (*cough* not bitter *cough*) we put together a few star-worthy bundles that will make your night feel like the real deal.

Oscars Backyard Viewing Party

If you want to watch the night unfold on the big screen, we’ll hook you up with everything you need for an outdoor screening including a projector, popcorn machine, Oscar ballots, and more. The best part? If you split the cost between your friends it’ll give you plenty of leftover cash for booze and food.

Oscars Red Carpet

Who says being extra is a bad thing? Reserve our red carpet and backdrop to stage your own photo shoot. Your friends will think you’re attending an actual carpet and you won’t even have to leave your living room.

Oscars Cocktail Party

Tensions get HIGH during the Oscars – which is why we’re sending out emergency Margarita machines. If Get Out doesn’t win something, get ready to add that extra splash of tequila.

Oscars Indoor Viewing Party

Don’t have a huge backyard? No worries – we got you. This bundle has everything your lil’ heart desires to host the perfect watch party (it even has the Oscar trophies).

None of those bundles speaking to ya? You can also custom-make a bundle that feels like a better fit.

May the best performer win! (But really please let it be Get Out or Call Me By Your Name, thanks.)