4 Ways To Decorate A Minimalist Home For The Holidays

Go ahead and get your (mindful) cheer on.

joymode minimalist holiday decor

The holidays are a wonderful reminder of the joys of giving, the importance of spending time with loved ones, but the message can often get muddled in the excess waste of a hyper consumer culture. We’re not trying to grinch on your celebrations but, between buying gifts, cutting down trees, and buying decorations, the season takes its toll. Not convinced? Each year two million tons of wrapping paper are used in the US alone, which means about 30 million trees are cut down to wrap our gifts 👀 Yikes.

This year, we’re finding creative ways to decorate and give a little more minimally, without sacrificing any of the magic of the season.

Borrow the decorations


Whether stringing up lights or setting up the menorah in your new apartment, there’s ways to decorate your space for the holidays without hitting crowded department stores or ordering online. The best way? Borrow decorations for the season from us and we’ll pick them up when your done. Check out our Hanukkah and Christmas supplies and decorations –– your wallet and the planet will thank you.

Get crafty


The holidays are a perfect time to get into a little DIY. Even if you don’t know your way around a glue gun, it’s not that hard to get started making your own decorations. Paper chains and snowflakes are a simple way to get the family involved in crafting and decorating but, personally, our favorite idea is recycling old photos and tidbits from the house to make a “memory wreath.” (We’re also just obsessed with this vintage video of the OG craft queen, Martha Stewart.)

Rethink the holiday party


The holidays are about spending time with impressing family and friends. When you’re hosting that next dinner gathering, don’t panic and dish out on artisanal holiday ceramics and glassware… we’ve got you covered with all the supplies

Recycle the wrap


Unless you’re a certified scrooge, you’ll be probably giving lots of gifts this season. Think outside the box while wrapping them up. Newspaper and twine can look boho or go sustainable with biodegradable kraft paper and a sprig of pine as a finishing agnostic holiday season touch.

Celebrating the holidays with a little minimalism in mind doesn’t have to be hard. Go ahead and get your (mindful) cheer on.

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