3 Workout Routines That Will Remind You Jump Roping Is Incredibly Awesome

More than a Presidential Fitness test.

joymode weighted jump rope workout

Jump ropes: once the hot recess item of elementary school girls. Now, the hot cardio workout item of adult gym rats. And, while we still appreciate a good game of Double Dutch, these modern, weighted jump ropes are true beasts engineered to help you get lean and strong.

Not only is the jump rope an incredibly efficient workout tool, according to Men’s Journal, it’s also extremely versatile. It’s perfect for an easy, at home workout in your living room. Or pack it in your work tote and sneak out for a quick hop on your lunch break.

Grab the Jump Rope bundle , which features two different rope sizes and a Bosue ball, and get cracking. And lest you think it’s just a bunch of jumping up and down while twirling a rope, here are some great jump rope workout alternatives we've rounded up for you:

PopSugar’s 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout


Burn calories and tone your legs and arms with this fun, quick workout video. It involves 18 different moves, along with a cool down stretch.

Self.com’s 15-minute Workout


This set of jump rope routines are something you can truly do anywhere. And they include a set of arm and ab squeezes and a stability lunge for a total body workout.

Men’s Journal Multi-Directional Workout


The workout consists of three training blocks. You’ll practice different jumps, rest two minutes, and move on to the next block. Follow these instructions.

Our Prefered Workout Playlist


Because is it even a workout if you didn’t listen to awesome pop jams from the 80s and 90s? Check some of our favorite tunes we like to hop around to.

Don't Forget To Theragun


Once you've completed your multi-week dedicated workout plan with the weighted ropes, reserve the Theragun to treat those newly toned, but sore muscles to a little intense massage.

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