3 Ways To Fall In Love With Fall In LA

Even if it's still 80 degrees outside.

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Fall is here when we say it’s here. We know that technically it doesn’t start until September 22nd, but considering that America has lost control of its calendar and everyday is an Instagram holiday (does anyone else feel like National Donut Day happens more than once a year?), we think it’s fine to celebrate prematurely. And for the record, were totally fine with National Donut Day happening more than once a year if it is.

Why wait any longer? Go ahead and pull out that cashmere you never gave back to your ex or make that tired joke about pumpkin spice lattes. Hell, do both at the same time. Because, Autumn, Fall, sweater weather season, whatever you want to call it is here...and it’s time to get cozy.

Here’s how we’re getting into the season:

DIY Nostalgia

Forget cable knit, everyone knows that nostalgia is Fall’s hottest look. We suggest leaning into the feeling by recreating some old-school autumnal activities. Start by making your own Halloween costume like mom used to do with a sewing machine. You might look ridiculous, but we promise it’s way more fun than buying it online. And, if you really mess up, we’ve got your back with a last minute hot dog costume.

Cozy Cooking

Lactose intolerance aside, if you are not using fall as an excuse to eat more cheese, we don’t understand. And more specifically, if you are not using it as an excuse to eat more melted cheese you might be missing out on a delicious time. We suggest a fondue set for the perfect early fall gathering, but wine and cheese around a portable fire pit is also a dream weekend activity.

For the Halloween Haters

If the thrill of finding the perfect costume doesn’t appeal to you, we more than understand. Who’s got the energy?? For everyone who wants to celebrate Halloween in recline as a couch potato, we’ve got just the thing.

No matter how you want to get into the spirit, it's not going to hurt to crank up the air conditioning for a few hours and put on a sweater.

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