3 Reasons I Absolutely DO Need a Cold Brew Machine

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If you like coffee, chances are you like iced coffee. And if you like iced coffee, chances are you like cold brew, which is just another way of saying the coffee was brewed at a cold temperature rather than a hot one. It also unfortunately means it will come with a tasty little upcharge. Sick of paying for cold brew all the time? Here are the reasons you should nab one of your own –– even if only for a few weeks.

Cold Brew is Delicious

Unlike iced coffee which just tastes like hot coffee poured over ice, cold brew actually has a unique flavor you can’t get in iced coffee. There’s almost a maltiness that pairs quite nicely with any morning pastry you might be enjoying alongside it. Is the burst of flavor from a cup of cold brew what you’ve been missing each morning? Only one way to find out.

GGET is the Dankness

The coffee itself is from Go Get ‘Em Tiger, which you hopefully know by now, is a real treat and a half. The LA-based coffee shop is a hit, with five locations in Grand Central Market, the Arts District, Highland Park, Los Feliz, and Larchmont. Give ‘em a test run first if you must — you won’t be disappointed.

It’s Still Kind of Winter Right Now So Drinking Cold Brew is Edgy

What a rebel! Drinking cold brew while it’s cold out? You must be some kind of edgy Instagram influencer or something. You probably have a really chill sweatshirt that says “BUT FIRST COFFEE” or something like that. You probably take lots of of top-down photos of avocado toast. So edgy.