3 Reasons To Bring Sports Viewing Outdoors

You have more choices than the ol' couch/TV combo.

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You’ve got your 4K TV. You’ve got your snacks. You’ve got your drinks. It’s time to watch the game with your buds...

You’ve got so many buds. And so little couch.

Between the LA Dodgers playing in the World Series and LeBron killin’ it with the Lakers, plus the LA Rams doing their thing, it’s the hap, hap, happiest time of the year for Los Angeles sports fans. (And let’s not forget the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins, if you’re into college football.) You’ll throw a watch party sooner or later, but if space is limited, why not watch the game outside? Hey, it’s warmer here than in Boston.

You don’t wanna try to drag your TV to the backyard, though. Don't be ridiculous. It was a minor miracle that you got it inside without cracking the screen. And once in a blue moon—so it’s been said—water actually drips from the sky.

Outdoor Food

Seven layer dip is just OKAY, right? Salsa, guac, and maybe tacos are what you'll find in the coffee table spread on game day. But, when you take it outside, you open up a whole new refined palette. Suddenly, grilling isn't an option. It's a freaking requirement no one is mad about. Burgers, doggies, brats, and hell, even throw a chicken breast on that fire and you've got yourself a real meal to stress eat when it's tied up in the last quarter. Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 2.23.35 PM-min

Outdoor Clothing

It's damn near close to 80 degrees here in November, which makes everyone cry into their holiday Starbucks cups just YEARNING for the opportunity to don a Patagonia fleece, a down vest, or a wooly pullover. Those boots were made for walking...and standing around the backyard screaming "MOVE THOSE CHAINS" at a giant movie screen. Give your friends the gift of dusting off their fall and winter clothing by hosting your game night outside. tom-the-photographer-627622-unsplash

Outdoor Screens

These things are just cool. They'll impress your friends (even I-somehow-bought-a-house-in-my-twenties Brad), allow everyone ample viewing evening when Mike inevitably stands and screams at the screen for 80% of the game, and the best part is...you don't even need to buy the damn thing. Win, win.

Backyard Sports Night

So, whether you enjoy the game from home or opt for tailgating in LA, you’ll be living large...at least larger than your couch.

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