2019: The Year You Start Racing Robots

You're never too old to steal your kids' toys.

Joymode Aniki Overdrive

It’s 2019. By this time, you figured you’d be passing your days in leisure while an android maid scrambles up eggs benedict capsules to fuel your cyber-quests in the VR universe.

Alas, those things are all yet to arrive. The future feels just a little too much... like the present.

Until that day you started racing robots. Otherwise known as: today.

Allow us to explain, young Padawan.

We’re talking about Anki Overdrive, a rather amazing app-driven RC racecar game that uses AI and advanced technology to leave those clunky racetracks of the past where they belong.


Well, it’s fun, whether you’re playing with your family, friends or by yourself.

You see, while your friend is stuck on the 10 or your kids are banned from talking to you, you’ll still be flying across the magnetic track against an AI opponent. It all runs through a free app you can download to any device.

The app counts down to GO, details your speed and even allows you to upgrade and customize your car. Speaking of the car, this thing is, how you say, self-aware. But before it hunts down Ed Harris, it’s going to just learn your style of play and steadily improve on different courses.

It’s all very cool. Like combining the joys of a video game with that thing called real life. What a concept.

Of course, the second your friend does arrive, watch out, they’ll be itching to move more than 15 miles per hour and rest assured you can play this with another person.


It’s so easy we feel foolish even answering. Basically, whenever you want it, just book the Anki Overdrive Bundle. We’ll bring a starter kit over ASAP. Or whenever your Days of Thunder/Ricky Bobby party is going down.

We’ll include 14 track pieces, two robotic cars, a car charger and tire cleaner. Finding a teeny tiny pit crew is on you.

The set-up from there is not only simple, but fun. You can design your own track, which uses magnets for a seamless experience that won’t send your cars flying off the road. We also have big-ass trucks and stunt jump kits as add-ons, so you can launch those suckers airborne.

And you’ll need an Apple or Android device. If you don’t have that, add it on and we’ll bring it when we drop off the whole shebang.

Then what?

Oh you know. Racing. Jumping. Crashing into one another. Building new track designs. Letting things come out of your mouth that your mother would not approve of as you taunt your closest friend, who is now your biggest rival. Because it’s the future and sometimes things change.

Then, when you’re sick of whupping their butts, you’ll let us know and we’ll come take it away.

And never breathe a word that you spent your entire weekend playing a robot race car game.

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