12 Rom-Coms You Might Actually Get Your Sweetheart To Watch On V-Day

If not, call your girls. Better yet, just call them anyway.

Joymode Valentine's Day Rom Com Indoor Movie

For some of you out there, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year your lover will submit to watching a romantic comedy.

For the rest of you... just smile and watch the movie, okay? Trust us. These are the secrets to a happy, long-lasting relationship.

Join us here as we divulge them all through cheesy, tear-jerking storylines. You’ll find many of the movies available in our V-Day Movie Night Bundles.

Pretty Woman

Why you love it: Hookers with hearts of gold and sassy comebacks, sociopathic capitalists and Jason Alexander with hair.

How you’ll watch it: Making mental notes for near-future role-play scenarios.

The Notebook


Why you love it: There is no chemistry like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. NONE.

How you’ll watch it: Crying your eyes out, while googling old p pics of the two of them together.

Coming to America

Why you love it: Because no one is going to turn down watching Coming to America, even if it’s a push to call it a romantic comedy. But it kind of is when you think about it.

__How you’ll watch it: __With two scoops of sexual chocolate set to make your soul glow.

The Princess Bride

Why you love it: Treacherous hunchbacks, hip-hop Andre the Giant, vengeful swordsmen and true love. Truuuuue loooooove!

How you’ll watch it: In an embrace of unusual size.

Pride And Prejudice


Why you love it: Because... DARCY!! And Keira brings Lizzie Bennet to life.

How you’ll watch it: Making mental notes for near-future role-play scenarios.


Why you love it: The clothes, the quips, the Paul Rudd, the “as if!”

How you’ll watch it: Just not with your step-sibling, ok?

10 Things I Hate About You


Why you love it: Faculty-flashing, bullies getting their just desserts, a prepubescent Joseph Gordon Levitt and a downright gallant Heath Ledger.

How you’ll watch it: Feeling all smart and sexy, thanks to Shakespeare.

Bridget Jones Diary

Why you love it: Granny panties, reindeer sweaters and sexy British accents.

How you’ll watch it: With Chaka Khan and a vodka chaser.

Say Anything


Why you love it: Hopeless optimism, romantic gestures and oversized boom boxes.

How you’ll watch it: With a creeping sense that John Cusack’s character is making your Valentine’s gift look kind of trifling.


Why you love it: Because it’s a hilarious romantic comedy disguised as a gross-out comedy.

How you’ll watch it: In stitches. Do people still say that?

How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days

Why you love it: Extended nuzzling, unstable behavior, bad singing, creepy face composites and that sweet Texan drawl before it started to annoy you.

How you’ll watch it: On cable. Since it’s always on.

When Harry Met Sally


Why you love it: Hilarious 80’s hairdos, Nora Ephron and a witty battle of the sexes.

How you’ll watch it: Whilst having what she’s having.

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