10 Things To Do If You’re Single AF This Valentine’s Day

Because you don’t need a date to treat yo’ self.

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day probably feels more like “Singles Awareness Day” than anything to actually get excited about. We’ve all been there: You don’t want to leave the house because restaurants are packed, but you don’t want to stay home alone eating Chinese food and watching Spice World for the 14th time (just me?).

Anyways, we think Valentine’s Day should be for everyone, which is why we think you should treat yo’ self with one of these 10 amazing experiences:


Backyard Movie Night

Throw on Thelma & Louise, pour yourself a glass of wine (or a bottle), and get excited for that Valentine’s Day candy to go on sale.


Fondue Night

Who is gonna love you better than ooey gooey cheese anyway?


Karaoke Party

Spend the night singing Beyoncé with your friends and be your own dang soulmate. Remember: If Jay-Z could cheat on Beyoncé, maybe we’re all better off alone anyway.


Pizza Night

Spend the night making pizza with friends because nothing tastes as good as independence feels.


Galentine’s Dinner Party

Skip the restaurant and invite your friends over for your own bougie dinner party.

Boozy Brunch

Boozy Brunch

Plan a post-Valentine’s Day brunch: Aka drink a couple mimosas and drunkenly tell your friends what sweet beautiful angels they are.


Jon & Vinny & Helene’s Wines Bundle

Honestly, if anyone deserves carbs and booze on Valentine’s day – it’s you.


Margarita Night

Look, it’s technically 5 o’clock somewhere, so don’t feel bad when you break this baby out at 3PM.


Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats

If you don’t have a significant other, sugar makes a really good substitute.


Breakup Recovery Kit

Just get ghosted? Sick of swiping on Tinder? We got you. Spend the night making homemade ice cream, drinking cocktails, listening to sad music and ignoring Brad from Tinder whose bio is unfortunately “live, laugh, love.”

Galentine's Backyard Movie Night

Celebrate your friends with a movie about friendship!

Check it out