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Cook up some New England vibes for friends with a classic seafood boil.

Seafood classics from the East Coast

Just cause we live on the West Coast doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the traditions of our East Coast relatives. Check out these ideas for your next seafood soirée.

Seafood clam
New England Clam Bake
By Allrecipes

The New England clam bake is a traditional method of cooking seafood, such as lobster, mussels, crabs, soft-shell clams, and quahogs. The food is traditionally cooked by steaming the ingredients over layers of seaweed. Discover three ways to enjoy this northeast favorite.

Seafood lobster
Maine Lobster Boil
By Honestly YUM

Maine is world famous for their succulent lobsters, and hosting your own authentic lobster boil isn’t as hard you think. Invite your friends over, and tie on a bib, for this easy and delicious dinner party idea.

Seafood crab
Maryland Crab Boil
By Food Republic

Lobster not your thing? Try it with crab. Maryland, famous for their sweet blue crab, has their own version of a seafood boil. Maryland crabs are prepared by seasoning generously with Chesapeake Bay crab seasoning such as Old Bay and then steaming over, not in, vinegared water (often, beer is added to the steaming water). You’ll definitely want to try this at home.

Seafood oyster
Southern Oyster Roast
By The Kitchn

Bring this outdoor tradition indoors by oven-roasting your oysters. Oyster roasts, traditionally prepared on outdoor firepits, have been a southern classic for generations. If you love oysters, you‘ll love this easy-to-prep dinner idea.